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If this is your first time to our blog, I want you to know that my husband and I have been called by the Lord to address the church on it’s problems regarding lust, immodesty and worldliness.

If you are not a follower of the Lord, it may be hard to understand why such material is written to the church. But, over the past 40 or so years the problem of immodest dress and behavior has infiltrated the church in such a manner that if you haven’t been to church in years, it’s probably best not to go. You would be shocked if you stepped inside the common church of today.  It has become a place of Hollywood entertainment rather than for worship and prayer.

If you are one of our brothers or sisters in the Lord, you have probably already seen and questioned yourself many times about the outlandish dress, mannerisms and behavior in the church today. You are not the only one. We have talked to so many brothers and sisters who are desperate for a change towards holiness as well.  Please consider in prayer the writings that are before you. Don’t measure so much how strong the language is, but rather how the church really should be a body of believers who walk in the ways of holiness rather than defilement, so that we can be pleasing to the Lord and be a witness to the world more so than the world being a witness to us.  : )

Here’s a chapter from the book I am writing regarding the problems of immodest dress:

“We all know that the immodest dress in the church is out of control. But, did you know that it’s the leaders responsibility first to address and resolve this issue? If we had men in the church who would start addressing and taking command of this situation, us women would follow because women will always follow men and give them what they want. When men start desiring the ways of the Lord again, rather than the ways of the flesh, women will dress and act in accordance with the ways of the Lord.”

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Writing

  1. I just ran across this site. From what I read your family is more like-minded to ours than what I am finding around here. We are located in southern MO and wouldn’t mind driving a distance for fellowship. Would you possibly know of any other like-minded Christians in MO? We’re in between churches again. Finding a Bible-based conservative church is getting harder to find. Thank you.

  2. Hello dear! I studied your stories and understood that in the world there are people with similar desires about modest life of simple people. I visited your blog. You have a wonderful family and life on hristiyansky precepts. My family has a great interest to your life. I was interested in a way of life of various churches and as well as you and received unpleasant minutes from seen and uslyshenny. But the Father our heavenly helped you to find the place and we pray and pro-these we dream of it. We live in Ukraine, society of rage and self-interest, we very much want to change the life and to join the simple truly believing community of people. My husband is a doctor and works in the hospital, I am the nurse. We have only one son the Lord didn’t give any more, on that his will… his wife and little grandson. Both of them got an education and work, now young mother brings up the son of the house. The huge request to you to help us to join your society. We are simple hardworking healthy people and any work to us will be in pleasure for the benefit of all people. Thanks! We will pray and hope for your trust to our family. God blass! Yours faithfully! Elena
    Excuse me for possible mistakes – I learned language in Ukraine.

    • Hello Elana and bless you for writing to us! You are a part of our society, you are a part of the Church… even if you do not find a good church or go to a church because of the worldliness that you find so distasteful there. The Lord once showed me the earth as darkness and little lights like stars all about the world. These stars were the believers and they belonged to different denominations and some didn’t belong to any at all. He showed me that this is the True Church. So, while we are miles and miles apart, we are both a part of the same church, or society as you call it. : )

      We have a map on the website that shows us statistics on how many people visit our website and from where. We get the most visitors from the US and just under that from the Ukraine. Yes, immodesty and the ill regard for our precious Father and our brothers and sisters in Christ who are a part of the body, seems to be just about everywhere. Though you may feel alone, you are not. Just remember the Saints who have been before you and your brothers and sisters who are going through the same pains as you are. I think we are once again a people without a shepherd and the Lord grieves for us. But, He calls us as believers to be lights to the people around us. He will and does bring others to us and will continue to do so even if it takes a few years.

      May the Lord be with you Elana and give you a hope and strengthen you. May He use you and your family as vessels, pure vessels of light that others may see and drink. May you be blessed and you are always welcome to write us at our personal e-mail at: geracihome@gmail.com. Take care. Love, Hadassah

  3. Hello! I love your blog, and it really encourages me, especially in my walk to modesty. I was wondering how you made the jumpers your beautiful daughter’s wear? I’d love to see a post on them and how you made them:-) Thank you, and may God bless you and your family a thousand times over……..

    • Thank you so much Teresa. I am sorry for missing your kind comment. Usually I receive an e-mail if someone comments on our blog. I’ll see if I can do a post on how I make the fleece dresses. They are super easy, even for me who doesn’t like to sew. : )

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