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February 7 – We were 2 days from finding out the gender of this little one but we had a problem yesterday. Poor Matthew was throwing logs into the truck yesterday and a small one hit with the butt end on the back window of the truck and broke it. So, while we are going to have a new window put in for pretty cheap on Wednesday, I will be missing my appointment on Monday.  : ( And the doctor won’t be in for a couple of weeks so we’ll find out who this baby is on February 25th.  : ) My nausea is gone for the most part, I can hear the baby with the doppler better and I am able to eat healthy again. It had a very hard time eating whole foods, they were just too strong for me. Right now we’re all sick. The kids are all laying around in beds and on the couch. It’s been really peaceful today. I’m making chicken soup with broth from chicken feet I bought a couple of months ago. We’re taking in raw cocoa for antioxidants, healthy tea, raw garlic, hemp seeds mixed with chlorella and sea salt (yummy). We have 40 lbs of oranges I just bought the other day for $19.99. So, we’re doing okay.

The Lord keeps showing us things regarding His plans for us, our dealings with finances, etc… He is preparing us to move. We both know something is going on and it’s all the Lord. We are so hopeful and at peace. Here we just put away $300 in savings in 2 months and the window broke. I have this crazy peace that though I know we will save and another thing will happen, God is chastening us and He will be done one day. He’s still taking care of us. Only our brothers and sisters in the Lord can understand the peace that can come with God’s chastening. It’s not a fearful thing when done to His people.  : )

January 2 – Funny how I just lost all this weight and it is already starting to come back. Oh well…. I am happy to share that I heard our baby on our doppler yesterday. Now I don’t have to fret about what I may see on the next appointment. After the last miscarriage I had while waiting for our home to close, I guess I was still a bit worried about this baby staying with us. The heart rate seemed to be pretty quick like the girls, I’ll have to time it tonight to see what the heart rate really is. My next appointment is on January 14th, I’ll post a picture of the baby then. Still taking progesterone for another couple of weeks and still feeling sick.



December 3 –  The icky sickies are here. I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and the nausea is here… just what I remember. Funny thing is that I sometimes get it really bad at night. This is one of those pregnancies. It starts before dinner and then after I eat, I wish I hadn’t and don’t like looking at the icky food on the plates while we’re cleaning up.  : )  At least everything is running its course. Hopefully we’ll have a baby in July. In the meantime, it’s time to pull out the ginger and vitamin B6 and wait it out for the next 6-8 weeks.

November 25 – I just figured out that we’re due around July 31st rather than August. I’m still amazed that I’m pregnant as my last cycle was only 25 days long. Now it’s time to wait and wonder with every little cramp I get, if we will be seeing a baby this July. I am going to go in for an ultrasound at about 8 weeks. I usually lose a baby by then, so I will be really hopeful if I see a baby then. Maybe we’ll see two again.  ; )




October 22 – I am happy! It’s been a month since I last wrote on here and I basically came in doors the day after the last post and decided to Winter in.  I had lost almost 50 pounds and just felt ready to take a rest. As of today with eating bad several times and eating some regular meals with my family, I haven’t gained a pound. My one problem? My stomach hasn’t been happy all month. I still have the problems… and bad.  I believe it’s the gallbladder still (butter, animal fats) and the hiatal hernia… pain and nausea. So, I am drinking a shake in the morning of either raw or cooked pumpkin, spinach, water and stevia, a little lunch and a good salad at dinner. It seems to be all my stomach can handle. And homemade chocolate…. coconut oil, raw cocoa, a little of our honey and stevia, sometimes some raw almonds instead of peanut butter: It is so good, I can’t believe it’s good for us! Anyways, I think for now I will continue eating what keeps my stomach happy. I’m sure I’ll lose weight again without really trying but I still have 30+ pounds to go. When the Lord moves us one day, I’ll go to a good hospital and see about getting the mesh put on my hernia and get my gallbladder looked at again. We’re still paying the bills from earlier this year and this problem has done nothing but make me healthier in some ways.  : )

So, for now I am just happy to maintain weight. If I lose, that’s fine too. I like being in doors during the winter to catch up with relationships with people I love, friends, etc… It’s a good time to teach the kids new things, get some sewing done and do more cooking. Once spring comes, I’ll be more than happy to get outdoors again like everyone else.

Matthew went to his regular doctor on October 2nd about his eye again and he put in an emergency order for him to be seen immediately. Being the VA, they didn’t get him in until 5 days ago or so! Thank God, he has what’s called dry eye, due to the drier climate here. The ducts can quit functioning and the cornea can develop hardness on it so it’s really more than dry eye. He has been taking lubricating drops since and his eye has been looking better than ever.   : )


September 20 – Grrrrr, I’m at a weight loss plateau. I lost another 7 pounds since August 15th but it keeps going back up two pounds. I’m bike riding an hour a day (got some great pictures today I’ll post later), continuing to eat well but I’m still lingering too close to last month’s weight. I don’t have the emotional place of a 26 year old to bear down and force it off and I do want it to come off healthily. So, it may be a few more weeks before I hit the 50 pound mark. I need to come to a new place that this is okay. I’ll be walking, riding and swimming again next Spring just for health reasons and enjoyment anyways. I’m hoping to have another 6 weeks or so before our cold Winter sets in here… I’ll eat soups then and big plates of cooked greens in olive oil and garlic. Maybe a few cookies here and there… Winter isn’t really my place for die hard dieting. But, I’ll keep chugging along until then. By the way, I got a Blendtec and it was so horrible it walked all over my counter when I made tahini. We finally returned it and I got an Oster Blender for $60.00 – the Beehive one. It blends up smoothies with kale and chia seeds in it beautifully!!!

Matthew went in over a month ago for his eye. It was severely red and we suspected glaucoma. Thank God it was only pink eye… or so we thought. He took the drops and some garlic and goldenseal for a couple of weeks. It is still not healed up. He did get injured in that eye when he had his car accident in 1989, to where there is scar tissue. Hopefully when he goes in for his next appointment, they will be able to diagnose the problem. He also has really bad light sensitivity. I looked it up and most people with a front lobe brain injury have light sensitivity/bigger pupils. I had a feeling it had something to do with his brain injury. I’m not sure what they do for that… drops that retract the pupils a bit? Sunglasses in the house?

Other than that, we’re doing well. The kids are doing well. Nobody has been sick in a long time.  : )

August 15 – I’ve now lost 40 lbs in 91 days. I can really see the change now and look pretty normal! I am getting a little bored with the diet though. Time to make different salads. Had to send our Blendtec back as it would “walk” all over the counter when trying to make raw nut butters or Tahini for salad dressing. Will try the Vitamix next after our refund is processed.

July 24 –  I’m down 34 pounds in only 68 days. I am 3 pounds from weighing less than my husband and he is on the skinny side  for being a man. I’m feeling great with very few hunger pangs…  I only eat when I’m hungry. I’m almost half way to my goal. God has been with me.   : ) I think I will buy a bike when the hot weather ceases around here to help finish off my diet.

 July 18 – Lost 30 pounds as of yesterday in only 62 days. Yeah, I reached my first goal. Twenty more pounds is my next goal. We’ve been doing lots of swimming lately. I actually miss my walks and prefer them but it has been so very hot lately. I’ve been swimming an average of 1 1/2 hours a day but find my appetite is insatiable… so I eat a little more than I want to and lose a little slower. I can’t wait until Fall when I can walk every day and not be hungry.  : )  Consistency, consistency… I shall reach my goal by Christmas at this rate.

June 23rd – Down 23 pounds in 35 days.

As of yesterday I have lost 23 pounds and a good dress size. I wish I could tell you that I feel good… I have a fever right now and am hoping it will go away soon so I can walk again and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. I have come into a routine for my weight loss and thought I would share in case others want to try their hand at it too.

Morning – Tea with soymilk (I’ll go back to cream after I reach my goal).  One  fresh pressed juice before I go for a 1/2 hour walk. Juice is often greens and some carrots or apple.

Lunch –  1 smoothie with spinach and berries, hemp seeds or raw egg (the raw egg doesn’t make it the prettiest color), and stevia.

Afternoon – Tea with soymilk and a 20 minute walk to the mailbox and back.

Dinner – 1 hefty salad with kale, spinach and arugula or other greens. I add a small handful of parmesan, some capers, Greek olives and another source of protein… trout from the lake or an egg or hemp seeds. Dressing is made with olive oil, refined (unflavored coconut oil melted down), flax seed oil and black sesame oil. I add fresh pressed garlic, anchovy paste, throw some dried herbs in and lemon or lime… sometimes a splotch of mustard.

I am rarely hungry and very content to eat this diet for a long time. I am losing about 2 1/2 lbs a week so I should be at around 140 pounds around December.

We are buying a Blendtec (Like a Vitamix) on the 1st of the month for quality smoothies for myself and our family. I am looking forward to that!


June 18th

I only did the juice fast for 6 days but still juice sometimes for 24 hours as I feel led. I started to feel depleted and tired instead or rejuvenated so I knew it was best to have something to break the fast.  I usually eat 1 protein rich salad a day and a vegetable juice… sometimes a smoothie with just berries, water and stevia. My loss was 19 pounds in 31 days as of the other day. I am feeling really good and the whites of my eyes are really white again for the first time in 4 or 5 years.  I rarely feel hungry because I not taking in any bread or sugars other than naturally in a little fruit. I know I need to eat when I start to lose a little energy. I pray each day and ask the Lord what to eat and when. It is the easiest diet I’ve been on.  : )


June 6th 

Down 17 pounds since May 17th. Lost 7 pounds since starting exclusive juicing – starting day 6 tomorrow.


Here I will be doing frequent updates as to my weight loss while doing a juice fast. I’ve been on a raw foods diet and juice since May 17th. Now I am ready to go a step further. My hunger has subsided completely and I feel healthy and refreshed. I still have good energy to walk everyday and take care of a bunch of crazy kids.  : )

Reasons for weight loss:

– Recurring sacrioliac joint pain (horrible lower back pain)

– Arthritis in feet – have to wear expensive shoes and orthopedic ankle support to walk comfortably all day

– Family on my dads side have had knees replaced (aunt is not overweight). I found out my father is having his second hip replaced. My grandmother on my mothers side had bad osteoporosis. Where will I be in 20 years? I know that losing weight I may be able to offset when it’s my time for such things.

– I’ve had heart palpitations since my 20’s. They are fine because I take magnesium each night but I don’t ever want to have them bad again as they were in my 30’s. They were going to put me on beta blockers then. I need a good heart. Too many little kids that still need a mom for  a good many years.

– I have rarely been overweight prior to having all these babies. It would just be good to get back to what my body is used to.

2 thoughts on “Family Health/Pregnancy

  1. How is it going? I’ve had a lot of amazing benefits from juice fasting. Including skin growths from sunburn/sunburn “scars” that just completely disappeared after fasting long enough. The longest I’ve ever juice fasted straight with no solids was 21 days though.

    • It’s going good. I only did the juice fast for 6 days. That’s great that you made it to 21 days. I was hoping for 30 but I have read that you sometimes need to build up to that. I found that my energy levels went to nothing and I need energy to raise kids. I still have a juice a day, a smoothie that includes kale and a raw salad a day. Weight is stuck on the scale but I know it’s still going down. I just started adding a little more protein to my daily diet yesterday as I read that if your protein levels are low in your blood, you will retain a lot of water. I’m in this for the long haul… to eat the bulk of my diet in mostly raw foods; salads, smoothies, etc… with good fats and proteins. Tomorrow will be 30 days. I can’t believe the inches I’ve lost on my stomach alone. My face looks like I’m 145 pounds though I weigh much more than that. : ) We’ve saved up to buy a Blendtec on the 1st of the month. I’ll update my progress as soon as the scale gets a movin again. : ) Thank you for checking in on me. I hope you are doing okay now. I watched your high blood pressure situation for a time during your pregnancy and was worried. I hope your little one is okay too. It is so nice to hear from you Marcella. I always enjoyed writing back and forth with you. : )

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