Pre-House – Pittsburg, Missouri

This is the tiny house we stayed at in December for a month as well as April and May. For the most part, it was comfortable in size for all ten of us, but it had many problems from lack of upkeep that made it difficult to live there. The large yard and the kind, neighborly neighbors that we made friends with made it bearable.

The kids “fishing” from Dad’s truck with his tie down straps.  : )

Pretty Leah…


Still having to do school work amidst all of our travels.

We had a delightful view from our kitchen table, watching these sparrow’s mother sit on her nest until they were hatched. Then we watched her throughout the day, gather food for them and clean up her nest. Pretty soon we saw their little heads peeping out and before we knew it, they were ready to leave. And leave they did. We missed seeing these happy, little birds while sipping on our coffee or eating a meal.

Here they had left their nest and were perching on the ledge adjacent to where their home was. Soon after, they flew away while the kids happily ran out to see where they went.


Pre-House – Pennsylvania

We left Maine on a Friday in April after packing extensively for two days. Remember, we thought we were buying a home there so we made ourselves at home! We made good timing all the way to New Hampshire and then we hit traffic- for 5 hours.  The kids were so good about it. The next day was tiring as well. We came into our vacation home outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania hard, but felt sooooo relieved to arrive. We felt like we were in our own home, we had plenty of room to spread out in with five bedrooms, a darling home on acreage and Amish farms all around.

I was so happy, I woke just before 6:00 and had to get out of bed to start the day. I came outside in the quiet morning to see this beautiful sunrise. I felt so peaceful in this home.

Our kids had so much fun here and relaxation. I could tell that it felt homey to them as well. It made us happy to be here. Devon and her husband the owners were so delightful to meet. They now lived in the beautiful stone house next to the one we stayed in. I believe it was her husband’s grandmother who used to run a Bed and Breakfast type thing in the home for many, many years until she could no longer.

The only reason we took this route through Pennsylvania was to meet our dear brother in Christ, Dan. We’ve known him for many years now and my husband and him have talked through some hard times for hundreds of hours this past year and a half. They love each other so much – true, genuine brotherly love. They remind me of David and Jonathan in the Bible.  : )  The kids were so comfortable with Dan and I was so very happy to meet him too. We love you dear brother, you enrich our lives and others so very much. You have been nothing but a blessing and enhancement to our home.

I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures of the inside of the home other than this. Here our family ate and fellowshipped with Dan. We asked him what he wanted for dinner… We had meatloaf, lima beans and some other things that I can’t remember. Brownies, yes, they were good!

The view from the front porch…

The stone house where the owners live… we never saw them hardly, except for when they were driving out of the driveway. They own farm land all around.

Another view from the front porch. Oh, how I wished my mother was here with us. She would have loved it here.

The Amish house to the side of the house. I would see an Amish boy throwing a ball up to the roof of the house and catching it as it fell down. I’d see the women hanging laundry and their family going off to church in their buggy on Sunday morning.

The backyard

The morning view I had when we first arrived, but during the day now. We stayed 3 extra days than we had planned. It was all worth it.

We enjoyed it here so much. It was good for my soul after leaving Maine…

Three happy crittters!!!



The Last Big Post of Maine

I found my other pictures of Maine. Don’t mind my unorganized “photo dump.”

Shells…. the kids loved collecting shells while we were there.

We had a beautiful view with sights of boats, barges, tankers and other watercraft. More pictures below…

Benjamin wondering what I am doing with my camera. Miriam had this look about 3 years ago.  : )

Dad and the kids played chess a lot.

More pretty pictures from our backyard view…

Lobster boats…. hundreds of them that day all around.

Making Snickerdoodle cake…

Taking turns…

Paper Dolls

Homemade paper dolls

Our pretty view we had…

Every night these three girls would perch over the couch here and wash Dad and I or the big kids do the dishes. It was cute!

Many of these are Elisabeth’s writings…

Dad drew this hand… I shared with him that hands are the hardest part of the body to draw, he surely did exceptionally well!

Elisabeth looked at dresses at The King’s Daughters. She made some drawings of the dresses. We just ordered a dress from there for her birthday just yesterday.

More homemade paper dolls.

The hill where the kids sled down all winter long. I had to take a picture before leaving.

The beautiful shells found on the East coast.

Sweet memories…

The best memory of our stay in Eastport…. our neighbor, Susan. She and the kids hit it off right away. Every day when she took her dogs for a walk by our house, she’d slow down as the kids would come running out to greet her and chat for a half hour or so. She has such life and happiness in her soul! She was a joy to meet and be near for such a short time. We miss you Susan!!!!

Happy, lovely woman who brought out so much joy in our children.

The beaver we saw pondering down our yard, a couple of days before we left….



Elisabeth’s drawings she taped all over our walls…

Matthew (little), started this apple tree from seeds of apples from the store in Maine. They are 4″ tall now.

Daddy drew this bird… so gifted. Hannah colored it in.

Another of Daddy’s drawings… I love this one.

I got in on the fun and drew this woman.

Pup’s drawing and some more down below…

One of our 500 piece puzzles

Playing chess again….

Tabitha’s messy face…

Learning about different kinds of birds…

Another big sight to see…

Little Matthew reading about our cells and good health.

Twin lovey doveys…..



Catching Up – Maine

I knew this day would come where I would take the time to catch up on our time from Maine so I can happily share with you about our new house and surroundings.  : )

Matthew standing with his snowman friend.

New England style hot dog buns (or rolls). It’s a long piece of fluffy bread with slits in it.

Benjamin a few months back. Just look at that curly hair. He looks much older now that he’s walking around everywhere. He started walking at 22 months old. He’ll be two years old next month. Where does the time go? I want another baby again….

Benjamin’s dear, innocent look that I love. Matthew and the kids made sentences with the alphabet letters that I bought them while we were cooped up in the house.

Little Anna. She and her twin sister Tabitha have such kind mannered dispositions. They are very loving.

Hannah doing her math. At least she looks happy today… she usually doesn’t like doing math.  : )

Elisabeth – She’s growing up! She’ll be 11 on July 6th.

Leah, she looks a little like my sister Natalie and acts like her some too…. she’s very sweet and fun to be around. Hardly ever mopey, always in good spirits.  : )  You’re fun to be around, Leah!

You’re looking older. It’s hard to see you looking a little older. You’ve always been the baby of the first set of kids we’ve had.

Here you look just like my daughter Christine who turns 29 this month. Same, exact smile.  : )  Very sweet.

Excuse our dark picture. We did lots of coloring, puzzles and drawing pictures while we were here. We found some crowns for a dollar, the girls were just elated about this find!

Your look is changing, Pup!

Tiny Tabitha. Whew, you’re still little.  : )  I must have taken this when you woke up.

Dear Hannah. You exhibit your feelings the most… good and ehem, bad.  ; )  We love your tender heart. You have good energy at this age.

I just love your smile here.

… and here.

Benjamin, you look so tiny here. You have grown into a toddler since this picture was taken a few months ago. He always put his back to the back of this futon couch and bounced forward and back.

This was a sad picture for me to see today. My friend Neysha had our kids over while we signed papers to buy a log house in Maine. They made baskets that day. My heart was so broke over leaving Maine that I cried for over a month, every. single. day. That’s why I haven’t blogged these past months. I love Maine, the quiet culture there, the place of safety and refuge that it offers. Most people who leave find themselves returning later… I can see why. We were there only 3 1/3 months and I did not want to leave! I felt like I came back home! We really wanted to live there but the Lord kept closing the doors. we couldn’t deny it, He made it so evident in so many ways. It was truly a culture shock for us to come back to the rest of the states. I read of others leaving Maine and experiencing culture shock as well so it made me feel at least justified.

Now that we have a farm home we love, I feel much better.

Good on the Appraisal

The house had a good appraisal. We should be closing on June 15th…. we’re getting close!

I found a website (one of many), in which I was able to put in some numbers. I found that if we add only $200 a month towards our new mortgage payment and once a year, so what we call a fasting month in which we pay $4000 extra, we will have our home paid off in only 13 years!



Staying in the home we’re in, we are only on cell phone mobile service with a hotspot for our other computers (no internet here). I am not able to load a lot of pictures due to using too much data so I am unable to do much of a blog post. We are buying a home here in Missouri for $150,000 on 34 acres. It is a 3 bedroom, one bath with a good attic, central air and heat, barns and outbuildings and in wonderful shape. We’ll be adding a bathroom, mudroom and bedroom in the next year or so. Our closing date is set for June 14th.






We will be in Northern Arkansas for a week later this month as they had this home we’re in reserved for that time. They do have internet there at the home in Arkansas so maybe I’ll be able to do one last catchup post before we get into our new (1904) home!    : )  The kids are doing great. We’ve had some wonderful fellowship with our friends already and are going to a homeschooled graduation party this Saturday.  : )