Our Dream

A year ago after being in this home for only a few months, we knew we would be moving again. I posted about it last January here:  https://aprayerfullife.com/2014/01/12/is-it-okay-to-make-mistakes/Please read if you haven’t read this yet.

Since that post, I cannot share how many of our dear friends have been in financial trouble or another sort of trouble. How many of our friends that if we had just a few hundred to spare each month, we could have saved a lot of heart ache. Friends we could have driven for 2 or 3 days to go see…  How about Susanna who lost her son July 31st? How I ached to go to her son’s memorial, to see her in person and give her a heartfelt hug and cry with her. We have friends in Missouri who just bought their first farm house and he lost his job with Fed Ex after 18 years with them. The troubles they have had since… It’s been over a year and it’s finally letting up. We could have helped them so much! Even now, I have a new friend who’s husband was taken in a business deal and now they are facing the threat of having to move to another state as he sells AG equipment. These are people we can help when the Lord moves us. They all have large families and are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should help each other!

Prices below edited for privacy.  ***

Matthew and I are so excited, even more as of yesterday. I didn’t want to share about the price of the home or what we are selling it for, for shame. But we can’t not show that God is in this! We stretched everything we could and bought this 12 acre, home on a lake for only $******. It baffles me still that the bank would stretch things so far as to give us the loan. Our home in Westport was something like $****** with the barn and 12 acres but he had $****** to put down from the sale of his home! The owner of this home of 35 years had it listed with an agent for $******* at one time! They dropped the price to $****** when the market was bad and had 2 offers then. He did not want to sell from what we heard from agents and neighbors. So, things did not go through but on the owners part. Finally they dropped to the $****** range and then lastly to $****** when we saw it listed while still in Iowa. Only by God could we have made such a mistake in buying this house because if you remember, we have listed it for nearly double – $****** so we can sell and buy another home and have it paid off! Guess what??? A fly over appraisal was recently done and they appraised it already at $******. Because we bought it for so cheap (ahem), it appraised a lot less though they won’t insure it for less than $******. The appraisal will only go up as the market climbs. God told both of us in different rooms to list it at $******! We already had someone look at our house many months ago.

So, back to our dream, this is what the Lord has put in our hearts and minds: When we move, we will probably buy a home (16K) to live in while looking for our farm home. This way we will be able to take our time to discern the Lord’s will on a home and not make any stupid, emotional decisions again. But, better than that we will be able to bless people for many years to come by letting people stay in our home as needed… brothers and sisters in Christ when their world collapses around them. We can get something like this and fix it up for less than $20,000:  http://heartland-realty.idxbroker.com/idx/photogallery/a287/63258  Why spend $3,000 a month in 2 hotels rooms adjoined together or an apartment for a few months and throw our money away. We will call it our House of Blessing or House of Prayer. A place where a family can stay, rest and see what God’s will is for their lives before going in the direction where the Lord wants them to go.

Then by golly, we can buy something like this and not have a mortgage:


or this:


or this:


or this:



When we find a Missionary group we like, we will be able to send our children on a Mission trip when they are 16 years old or so. We can’t do that living here. When we drive a couple of days to visit our brothers and sisters in Christ and our children see us bring them groceries… they will see what Christian love is. When we can afford a tractor so my husband doesn’t have to break his back with a rototiller (thank God we have wonderful neighbors here who have plowed a section of our field for us), and we can plant again. Farm again. Sell and visit with our customers, give away to neighbors and the needy our greens again as we did in Westport… I love that kind of living. To have enough to give and give plenty. There’s so much more to do, so much more to give, so much freedom to live life in fullness when the Lord releases us from this house. This house is a dream, an American dream. But it is not our dream, it is our way to our dream. We are blessed that the Lord even gave us an opportunity like this through our sins in buying this house! I can’t believe it! My husband can’t believe it! We have learned so much here… some of our calling in our last days. Some other things for our future that I haven’t shared. We are excited. We get discouraged at times in having to wait. We try to live now and today knowing what’s ahead and THAT’S HARD!  : )

So, hopefully soon. We hope so. There’s so much we want to do. So much for our children to learn. So many people we could help in one manner or another each year as the Lord avails. For some, their calling is to adopt children – for us, I know one of our callings is to just love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Be there for them, not in words, but really be there for them. And to help the hurting in the community. The fires that were here…. we could have helped a couple of families. But, not living in this house on the lake.   : (  I remember so clear last year when we had our internet installed. I so much wanted to give the young man a $20 tip. It was nearly Christmas. He had children and was a very sweet and humble man.  I cried that we couldn’t just bless him that night. He would have been so happy! God brought that man to our home so it would hurt me, so we could help others in the future and be so grateful that we could! Oh, I could go on and on… the waiting is so hard. But, I feel it may be near. I hope so. We hope so. Please Lord. We still know your timing is best.

2 thoughts on “Our Dream

  1. I found your blog a while ago thru Elizabeth’s blog. Every time God brings you all to mind I have been praying for the sale of your house and for you and your husbands health. God does teach us and admonish us but when we are humble and give Him the lead He always brings us back around to something in His plans that were even better. Better for us even if we didn’t know it. God be with you all. Blessings!

  2. I’m sorry Susan, I don’t know why sometimes I get notified of a comment by e-mail and other times I don’t. Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you so much for sharing that you’ve been praying for us. Thank you for your kind words too. You are so right… humility always brings out the best of plans, always better than we could ever plan. Blessings to you and your family too!

    Love, Hadassah

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