Dolls and Dresses (and Suits Too)

One last post before my mother arrives. My photos uploaded on here in the opposite order than I intended…  rather than re-doing them I’ll just leave it as is.

My mother’s ramp. He did a superb job. We are very happy with this.

Matthew and Elisabeth walking out in our field after receiving some home sewed dresses and suits from my friend Judy. I’ll share more later.

Matthew and I. He’s wearing his new suit that my friend made for him. Vest and all…. I lost 15 lbs since this picture. We’ve had the flu since March 22nd, a very bad flu, so I haven’t been able to walk since getting sick. We’re expecting snow tomorrow of all things… and after a beautiful day today of nearly 70 degrees.

Hannah in her dress and homemade doll from my friend, with her matching dress. She made dresses for all the girls with matching dresses on homemade dolls. Can you believe it? They are their favorite dolls now.

Matthew’s homemade suit. Yes, even the shirt! She is a pro… really, she made a living sewing at one time and had employees.  I hope I’m not sharing too much. I am just in awe still that she would go to such means to make such things for all of our children. Even Ben has a suit that matches his brother’s.

Ben’s gift was also this sweet, little truck and car set. He loves it.

Hanni adores her doll.

See how the dresses match? I like Leah’s the best. They are all unique too. Some of the dolls are blonde, some are red heads….

Thanks for bearing with this post, it really is out of order.  : )

What a gift. How do you repay something like this…


Little Leah…

Pup all excited after receiving her dress and doll.  : )  Thank you so much friend.

And look who we have here… our new dove. I always wanted a dove. She/he coos and just  recently started “laughing” on occasion. We still don’t know if our dove is a boy or girl. I suppose is she lays eggs, it’s a girl. If he bows while cooing, he’s a boy. I can’t seem to come up with a name quite yet. We also got some sheep. Katahdin sheep… a momma and her two baby ewes. They are so cute….


One last thing… I just became a contributor on Shutterstock Photo’s.  I thought I’d see what would happen after submitting a few photos and they accepted! I haven’t received a download yet and from what I read, will probably only get about .29 per download but I am enjoying learning Photoshop CC (online they are only $9,99 a month), and tinkering with old photos or taking new as I did with a simple rug in my bedroom and a shot from my living room chair towards my bedroom (the black and white photo). Fun, fun…

This and That

I have a couple sets of pictures to share before my mom arrives. She is arriving on my birthday, April 10th.

Our handsome pup at 4 months old.

Elisabeth showing off her dress I bought her (right before my friend made dresses for all the girls – I’ll share those on the next post).

I bought a couple of cheap coin purses off of Amazon for my purse to keep my things secure. The kids loved them of course so I bought them all one as well. They’re about $2.00 a piece as a set of four.

A glimpse at our unique (and dirty – what do you expect? Small kitchen, ten people), kitchen. Matthew sanded the floor some months ago but we haven’t been able to go forward with it as mom’s house has taken a priority. The floor was getting ugly looking without a finish so I thought of buying a rug for a $100 fix for a couple of years if need be. We think it’s pretty with it in there.

Showing off my lamp I bought last month. I like the homey look for a home, a bit old fashioned, as it seems these days to be going away towards cold, industrial, boring, Scandinavian like structures that don’t even resemble “home” anymore. That’s just my opinion anyways.  : )

I might have showed you this picture I bought last summer for $25 at the thrift store. I think it’s called “The Shepherdess.”

Another cheap decoration…. $15 for an old door off a shelf. It’s pretty above the old, brown high chair that most of our kids used.

Some goodies that our wonderful neighbors gave us recently. Thank you, Gregory, Patty and Karen.

Sigh…. our sad story. Yes, you already know where this is going. I had to go to the VA hospital in Kansas City recently for an ultrasound on my thyroid. I took Hannah with me. On our way back I took her by a pet store. We fell in love with the parakeets and the price of them. Hannah picked her out.

We grew really attached to her and she to us. We didn’t even have a set name for her. She was only with us for a week.

The day before she died, our neighbors did their usual soil burning all day long (see the entire black field). It was directed at our house for hours with the winds. I had to have the kids go in. It didn’t bother us but it was too much for our little sweetie. I knew that morning when she was sitting at the bottom of the cage that she would die. I held her throughout the morning as she let me and she died in my hands while the kids were eating lunch. I cried the most, I think because I got to hold her in her last hours. Such a sweet little bird. I love birds.

Daddy made a little burial box for her and we said a prayer and buried her underneath a tree outside the kitchen window. We still miss her…

Dad and Mom

Since I’m always the camera man (woman), I rarely have pictures taken of me. First, I thought I’d share one of when I was 4 years old (1974). I remember this day. He took this picture in our home in Renton, Washington.



An Ipad picture…. not the best but this is what I look like this year. My hair is getting Blonde/Gray in some areas. I love it.

Dad this morning, using my shawl. I had to take a picture of him with my Ipad (reason for the bad color tone) to show him how good he looks in it. Well, at least to me.  : )

Ben, Dolls and Birthday Parties

Well, I’m always a little bit behind. Here are some pictures going back to November:

Ben, after I cut his hair. I couldn’t decide between pictures of him so I posted quite a few here.


At 2 1/2, he’s still behind. He is barely eating with a spoon. He’s picking up words and small sentences now though.

Elisabeth sitting in the back room playing with dolls.

Showing off their collection. We have found most of these here in Missouri (most porcelain), for around $3.00 a piece.

They’re so excited!

Hannah’s latest beauty that she bought with her chore money. I believe she paid $1.00 for it. One of her prettiest dolls.

Wind chill of -19. This is what the window looked like in the morning.

Below zero but doesn’t look like it…. we have the skirting around the bottom of grandma’s house now.

Our kids do math and spelling on the computer in the mornings. Benjamin snuggles up with them and they gladly oblige.

Having a early morning tea party….

Leah’s 8th birthday party…

Elisabeth made a pretty decoration for her birthday.

A new doll for her birthday…

The sweet, little twins. I need to get some more of them and Miriam next shot.

Always writing things about minerals, atoms, geodes and boy stuff…

A common site this winter… all cozied up in front of the fire. 


Our New Puppy

We got a new German Shepherd puppy about ten days ago. His name is Malachi. He’s a sweet, two month old, troublesome little boy right now but he’s very smart. We house trained him in a day, kind of like how we train our kids in a day… all day long, every 15 minutes or so. He’s in with us now but will be our outdoor guard dog in the spring. I haven’t had a German Shepherd in years. We just love him. Who else loves big dogs?

Friend who knitted me this blanket two years ago…. don’t worry, we didn’t give your loving gift to the dog.  : ) He took to your blanket for a couple of days but he is on a towel now because we don’t want him to ruin it.

Inside of Grandma’s House – Unfinished

This post is for my mom as I don’t want to send this many pictures as attachments.  : )  This is so she can plan on where to put her kitchen, etc….  There are a lot of pictures so it might get a little boring – except to my mother.  : ) The side entrance that will go to our house. Hallway to bathroom and bedroom.The front of the house. I was thinking of putting the kitchen in the right hand corner but someone had a better idea for where to put the kitchen. Maybe she can have her dining room table where Elisabeth is and sitting room on the other side.This would make a good kitchen area. Ten feet by six and a half or so. Pup, you’re pretty!  Sitting area…  Kitchen area again. The windows are a bit lower than standard so it might be hard to put a sink under the window. Lots of room on these two walls though.   Big bathroom… They forgot to put a doorway from her bedroom to the bathroom right next to Elisabeth. We can have that done as we proceed.  The toilet can go somewhere over there, maybe under the window and washer and dryer stacked in the corner to the left.  The shower will go here.  The washer and dryer (stackable), and bathroom sink will go along that wall.  Grandma’s room, a very comfortable size.  We’ll put a bathroom door near Pup, here.  Two bedroom windows overlooking a new garden in the backyard that is plowed and ready to go this Spring.  Water heater will go in the corner in a closet (or separate closet next to the main closet).  The same wall…  Bedroom doorway…  Down the hallway from her bedroom. She wants flat ceilings.  Looking through the bathroom to the kitchen area… 

The side door again. Pup is ready to get out of here so she can continue her game of Hide and Seek with her siblings. I used her in the pictures for perspective of the size of rooms and walls. Nice sitting area, unless Grandma wants a kitchen over here.  … or we can do sitting area here.  Nice and open towards our house. She can see the kids playing or working with Dad.  This is where I had originally thought of putting the kitchen when I shared it would be small, Mom.  A nice window in the hallway. We wanted lots of natural light. A nice, wide hallway too. I could see her putting up a couple of pretty pictures here.  She only paid $14,000 for this structure from here: