New Blog

I am transferring (trying to right now), all our posts to “”.  I am on the platform of which has entrapped me to where now if I put much more on the blog, my storage will max out again and I will have to pay $299 a year. I am switching to and won’t have to worry about paying so much. I will send an e-mail out to as many as I can about our new blog address. I’m sure I’ll have to do some formatting, etc…. Worst case, I’ll pay the $99 for one more year here and continue fixing but hopefully I won’t have to do that. I will see about getting my domain switched over too. Then I’ll work on a catch up post as we’re pretty overdue.  : )

Girls, Kitties and Flowers

One of the girl’s special spots that they go to, to read.

My aunt wanted to see some pictures of our new kittens. This is our old cat that came with the house.

Here’s one of our mousers…. he’s always chasing leaves and anything that moves.

We had bought three at $10 a piece at the animal shelter three weeks ago, however, we don’t know what happened to our black and white one. He went missing over a week ago. Anyways, one has long hair and the other is a short haired cat.


Here’s those flowers you wanted to see, Karen. We were told that they are zinnias.

July Birthdays

Hmmm, from this end the pictures I uploaded are looking smaller than normal. Maybe something I can fix later. Anyways, we had a couple of birthdays so far… Elisabeth and Benjamin.

Elisabeth made some cookies for Benjamin’s birthday. He turned 3. He is doing very well cognitively… he can count to eleven now. Not bad for being so behind.

Just look at your happy face Ben!

The three girls sitting on our loaner couch from our wonderful neighbors. This was so I could put my foot up. The girls just looked so sweet sitting there so I had to take a picture.

Elisabeth is 12 years old now! She has changed so much this year, grown many inches and is just as lovely as ever.

She wanted mom’s blueberry waffles. Leah getting seconds or thirds or fourths…

Sweet smile…

Here she’s laughing at something I was doing or saying. She’s usually in a good mood and laughs easily.

One of my pretty new dresses I made. My other ones are swimming on me. This fabric I got was on Another 30-40 lbs and I can wear that antique apron with it.  : )

Hoping to post a few more pictures tomorrow.  Corky and Debbie, you have been on my minds since hearing the news. We love you and miss you. Corky, I can’t believe you are almost 90 though… you still are so young at heart and that’s why we love ya. I remember you helping load wood into Matthew’s truck like a 35 year old. You two are a big part of our foundation days of our early marriage. If we didn’t have the kids here, we’d fly over there in a jiffy. We love you and will talk with you again soon. If you are well enough please consider flying out for a visit.

40 LBS


Yeah! Down 40 lbs and feeling good. I have been wheeling the wheel chair around my table and living room to music for an hour a day. It beats sitting around waiting for the 6 week mark. I’m starting to walk all over the place (in my home) now too though I’m not supposed to until my appointment on Monday. I can’t wait to ride my bike. I’d like to work up to 20 miles by the end of the year.

My aunt wanted some pictures of our zinnias and new kitties that we got for the kids last week so I’ll post those tomorrow. Happy 4th everyone!



Broken Leg – Fibula

Day 8 After the splint came off. Very swollen compared to the other leg.


After losing over 30 lbs, and being able to ride my old bike pretty well again, I thought it was time to buy a real mountain bike so that I would be safe on these dirt, gravely, country roads. On June 1st, I got up early and eagerly went to get my bike – a Trek Skye S mountain bike with front suspension and lockout. It is the female version of the Marlin 5. Since I was up to working out two times a day, and on an old, rickety Walmart bike in which I had to constantly move the handlebar back in place while riding, it was so smooth to take it out for my first try out. I road it down the street towards our neighbors and couldn’t believe the difference between bikes. I got to the end of the road and slowly started to turn around when my bike slipped out from under me on the gravel. My leg stayed. I knew I had fractured it as I couldn’t put weight on it or get up. I crawled to the side of the road and waited for someone to come by so I could point them to my house to get my husband.

While I couldn’t walk, I could drive… up to the VA in Kansas City. I brought the two girls with me so they could get someone to get me into a wheel chair. They did x-rays to confirm a broken fibula and a chip off of somewhere. I had to go back again for what I thought would be the real cast and the doctor said for me to come back on Thursday the 14th for surgery. The next day I took a fall coming in the house trying to hold onto a handle that broke. I had just wanted to sit on my porch. I hurt my leg again and knew I needed to go in again for x-rays. It swelled up profusely and hurt more than the original fracture. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of driving up there so far from my husband and home again and then being so far for surgery. I was at my end where I couldn’t do it emotionally or physically. I talked to my husband that next morning about going local as I’m on ChampVA program but wouldn’t get it for free as I would at the VA on the CITI program. We agreed that it was the best thing to do. I went in on Friday then saw the doctor yesterday with my husband and he shared that I DO NOT NEED SURGERY!!! I am already 2 weeks into the healing process, we needn’t start the healing again after surgery and we are both so relieved. My husband is doing all the meals and laundry and EVERYTHING. He is doing such a good job but it sure is a strain on our family right now, bad. But, thank God for the good news and deciding to go local to hear I won’t need surgery. I may get to walk with a walking boot on July 9th. Be safe, have a good summer everyone.


Mother/Daughter and Weight Loss Picture

I had my husband take a picture of my 30 pound weight loss today (since March 1st). While I can feel a significant difference, it’ll take all summer to lose a good amount. It is NOT coming off as it did before just 4 years ago, but I am happy, content and satisfied with the results. My hips, feet and knees were hurting and I was starting to have health problems. I know that what I do now will affect my days of old age that are coming upon me. This to me is my last chance to gain strength and health before I get old. I had gained 15 pounds in a couple of months last winter due to taking Metroprolol for heart palpitations. I got rid of it and thought that losing weight would be best for my future (and kids future). I’ll take another picture at the 50 lbs loss. I’m walking and started bike riding again on the beautiful country roads out here.

Elisabeth was nearby so I had her join me.  Our picture is a bit washed out. She will be a healthy 12 in July. She follows me around all day because she says that I’m interesting… hmmmm, only a kid would say that.  : )  I love how close we are. I love this age and miss it so much from before. Only the Lord knows how much. Such a blessing to have an almost teenage daughter again to love.


I’m blurry but I like the picture of Elisabeth here. I can be blurry, right?  : )

She likes when I give her kisses still…

We have pictures of a bee inspection we had with our neighbors yesterday. But for now it will have to wait because my husband went to bed already and he has to tell me about some of the pictures I took. I know, bee linguistics….  : )

When a Friend is Dying

My husband and I visited our friend and neighbor today, who is dying on his bed. Oh how sad it is that society (in the US) is sheltered from such a privilege in seeing a loved one who will soon pass. Our brother David is a Christian man who in our short time here in our hometown has made a significant impact on us. He could not speak coherently. He uttered phrases over and over again, though peacefully. His wife asked him to pray and he could pray perfectly. Matthew and I had tears streaming down both of our faces. Though he couldn’t speak, he could pray. So beautiful and soooo meaningful. So heartbreaking that we will have to wait some years to see him with the Lord one day through our own parting from this earth. We will miss him and all of our small town will… how one person can touch a few lives so deeply through Christ’s love.