Good on the Appraisal

The house had a good appraisal. We should be closing on June 15th…. we’re getting close!

I found a website (one of many), in which I was able to put in some numbers. I found that if we add only $200 a month towards our new mortgage payment and once a year, so what we call a fasting month in which we pay $4000 extra, we will have our home paid off in only 13 years!



Staying in the home we’re in, we are only on cell phone mobile service with a hotspot for our other computers (no internet here). I am not able to load a lot of pictures due to using too much data so I am unable to do much of a blog post. We are buying a home here in Missouri for $150,000 on 34 acres. It is a 3 bedroom, one bath with a good attic, central air and heat, barns and outbuildings and in wonderful shape. We’ll be adding a bathroom, mudroom and bedroom in the next year or so. Our closing date is set for June 14th.






We will be in Northern Arkansas for a week later this month as they had this home we’re in reserved for that time. They do have internet there at the home in Arkansas so maybe I’ll be able to do one last catchup post before we get into our new (1904) home!    : )  The kids are doing great. We’ve had some wonderful fellowship with our friends already and are going to a homeschooled graduation party this Saturday.  : )

One More Time

We love Maine. We love it here so much that these past couple of months we’ve tried to buy two different homes. We were told by our agent that we would have a difficult time in buying a home up here VA but we love it so much here, we thought we’d give it a try. The first home we were told that because it had some chipped paint in the front of it that the Appraiser would not appraise it without the entire side being painted. We have come to find that if a home isn’t in perfect condition here in Maine, they will not appraise it until it is. We are buying a home VA so it is the VA Appraisers that I am talking about. Anyways, we knew that the home had many things other things that were cosmetically imperfect and this would be against us so we backed out of the home as the owner wasn’t going to have it painted and it was too much of a financial risk for us to do so. It was a beautiful home on 55 acres, a mother in law apartment for my mother, (another thing against us here with the Appraiser), beautiful, huge barn and so much more. It broke my heart. I still love that home. It was only $180,000.

Next, we tried to buy a log home built in 2006. Barns and outbuildings on the 20 acres, gorgeous land with rolling hills of beautiful pasture around for miles and miles. The basement had radiant heat and the best part, because there were wind turbines behind the home, the owner receives a $3,000 a year noise easement for life as well as $2,000 for the next 17 years. We were going to put this towards the home and some additional funds and pay it off in 15 years. Unfortunately, the wind turbines became our hinderance to buying the home. An Appraiser went out there, took a look at the home and left. Next, they tried for weeks to find another Appraiser who would appraise it. They resubmitted our package to try once more. Prior to this they were going to not give us the loan even though we had been approved with Underwriting, because they could not find an Appraiser who would touch the house because of the wind turbines. We came to realize over many weeks that if the seller was having such troubles in selling it to us who are qualified, what about us when we one day need to sell the home in 20 years or so? My husband will be coming up on 80 then so it’s a good possibility! We felt the Lord wanted us to back out.

Every door has closed here in Maine regarding buying a home. Even the cheap homes going at it from a conventional loan (as we looked into) would not work for us. They either needed new plumbing and pipes, a new septic system or was sold as is where we didn’t know what we’d be getting into. Matthew went to the local oil/heating company in town today. He spoke with a woman there about what has happened and she shared that she completely understands. She has a son who served for 26 years in the ARMY and because he could not buy a home here through the VA, he and his family had to buy in North Carolina.

We have friends here who are dear to us. We had to say our tearful goodbyes. It was hard on all of us. Very hard. I won’t forget my sweet friend’s words while we were crying and hugging each other, “I love you so much.” It is a precious memory but it hurts. We had always hoped to meet, we lived so far apart all these years – Maine and Washington State. We will miss them dearly.

This is my favorite State. We absolutely fell in love with it here. Where else can you pull up to get gas, wonder where the debit/credit card machine is on the pump, go in and they tell you that everyone just pumps first then comes in to pay? Where else can you find people leaving their cars running while they go in grocery shopping? If you ever want to go back about 50 years, come to Maine – North of Bangor to Aroostook County (where we wanted to live) or the Northern coast such as Lubec or Eastport. It is so peaceful here, you will not find another place like it here. It is like being on vacation where you don’t want to go back.

We have felt the Lord calling us back to Missouri, not just because of all the physical that is apparent but by His Spirit as well. In Missouri the taxes are much lower, we can have some dings and cosmetic imperfections in a home and such and be able to buy (so we can buy a cheaper home). The closing costs were atrocious here…. $8,800 (more for conventional) – Missouri would be around $1500.

We also still have two sets of dear friends in Missouri.

It is hard on me, I don’t like the heat and it’s hard to leave a place where you feel like you’re on the most peaceful vacation you’ve ever been on. The colors, the noise…. all of it’s muted here. It’s very quiet, safe and we wanted to make it our home.

We know this is the Lord though and that Missouri will become home to us. Already the doors are opening, we get to stay in the same little place we stayed in, in Pittsburg Missouri where the kids played in the leaves. While it’s peaceful in Maine, you’ve never met a friendlier and more comfortable people as we met in Missouri. It is by far our second choice – though God’s first choice.  : )  They are a generous, happy people there who talk freely about the Lord everywhere you go. While we were only there a short time, when we left Missouri we both shared how much we loved it and that it was going to be hard to beat Missouri.

We are already packing and getting ready to leave on Friday the 14th of April. We are going to meet some dear friends in Pennsylvania first and arrive at our destination on the 20th. We will begin house hunting right away. I am more than ready to settle in a home with my own things as they are still in storage on the ABF trailer in Kansas City Missouri. I wish I could fast forward a few years as this land is a new land to us and I know it won’t feel like home for the first couple of years. We know without a doubt that this is the Lord’s will though so we have peace about it that surpasses all understanding and that I am so grateful for.  : )

The kids are handling all these moves just wonderfully. I am so happy they will get to move right back into the home we stayed in before in Pittsburg as they already know how it is… the neighbor’s dog who comes to visit them every day, the walks we’ll take as a family around the big loop in the neighborhood. We all very much loved the beauty of the land when we had to drive down to Boliver for big shopping. By the way, food is so much cheaper in Missouri too. I can order from Azure again and I do love shopping at Aldi’s.

I have more pictures to post later of our time here…. our wonderful neighbor who comes over to visit the children almost every day, the kids playing in the yard, etc… I hope to get a picture from my friend Neysha of our families together.  ; )  Our time is short and it would be a bit emotional to view them right now so I will wait a while.

Please keep our family in your prayers for safe travels, one last time…. hoping to visit my friend and Maine again one day soon.

Benjamin’s First Step

If you are new to our blog, last Summer around Benjamin’s first birthday, he could not crawl or pull himself up. He didn’t start to sit up until 11 months old. They did an MRI to check for cerebral palsy and it came back negative. So for now he just has some good delays and still seems to have the hypotonia with his legs.

Good news! He took his first unassisted step on March 25th! This came quick from him just standing unassisted for the first time a few weeks ago. He is coming up on 21 months old already. 

Daddy is feeding him some fish while he gives me big, beautiful smiles.

I still have many pictures of the kids to post but for some reason I don’t get much of an unction to blog much until I am settled in my own home again.  : )  I keep waiting for that day when I get the urge and will sit down and play catch up with pictures and stories, but it just doesn’t come too often. I’ve been reading the Bible A LOT every day and enjoying it and getting much out of it. I am happy to be in this “place” again. The girls have been making paper dolls, we’ve all been spending time putting together many puzzles and the kids often play chess during their free time if they aren’t playing in the snow. Even Leah knows how to play chess. I bought Leah a Bible a couple of months ago and she picks it up to read a couple of times a day and she’s already in Leviticus and only a few chapters shy of Numbers. Wow! While we have a box of children’s books for them to read, she loves to read from her own Bible. Little Matthew has been growing little apple trees from seeds… the little farmer in him can’t help but come out no matter where we are. We’ve been told that Spring is right around the corner here so we’re awaiting as we’re eager for it too!



Our Drive to Houlton, Maine

Two days after the snow storm, we drove up to Houlton, Maine. I mostly took pictures of beautiful homes along the way. It was beautiful drive. p1040025-001Starting off on our drive on Highway 1, the coastal drive. p1040030-001The Red Sleigh ahead… one of the many cute shops along the way. p1040032-001p1040035-001What a beautiful home. Many homes still have their pretty Christmas wreaths on their doors or windows. p1040040-001p1040041-002This home is pending in Robbinston, Maine… 39 acres, the home and barn for only $85,000. No kidding!p1040044-001p1040048-001A hotel in Robbinston, Maine. p1040059-001p1040069-001Coming into Calais… Our girls love the looks of these homes. p1040070-001

p1040079-001Pretty scenery somewhere around Cary where they got around 30 inches of snow two days before. p1040081-001p1040084-001Such a beautiful home but something was just off about the picture. I did a editing job and now it’s even prettier. p1040086-001p1040091-001Getting out of the woodsy area and into the farmlands of Aroostook, County. The most beautiful place we’ve ever seen! p1040095-001Lots of salt/chemical on the roads makes it pretty clear. p1040097-001Beautiful, quiet Maine. It just feels different here. p1040099-001p1040101-001The colors of choice for the homes are very pretty. p1040103-001I love the greens, yellows and pretty red homes all about. p1040105-001Since moving here, we have found that people leave their keys in their cars with the motor running while they go grocery shopping, to the bank and the post office. It is very safe here and people trust one another here. Where else are you going to find that?p1040106-001p1040107-001p1040108-001Coming into Houlton, Maine. p1040109-001I wish I could have gotten a picture of the home on the sharp right. It reminds me of the homes in my mother’s old neighborhood in a suburb of Seattle – Magnolia.p1040112-001A couple of the shops across the street from where we had to stop. Not like the buildings in downtown Houlton but still kind of special.

Recap of Our Blizzard Last Week

p1030909 Hannah standing in the door to show the depth of the snow in right proportion. p1030911 Snow rising up before the windows… p1030912 p1030913 Getting higher…p1030914

Dad doing his morning Bible lesson with the kids. After this we did puzzles all day. This is our little rental for now. If you are new to our blog, we sold our home in Washington state last October. We are in Maine now.


It’s getting higher….  Look at how high it is to the light switch. Yes, it was above our heads. This is called snow drift. Our driveway didn’t get this. p1030944p1030951

The next morning, Pup wanted to shovel the snow. She’s standing the front door. Some of the snow drift, drifted away throughout the night by the high winds.p1030956

Still pretty high though!  : ) p1030961

Matthew walking outside the windows. p1030963

Elisabeth attempting to shovel the entry way. We learned that you are supposed to shovel your walkway/entryway every couple of hours during a snow storm. p1030971 p1030974

I’m sure this is old hat to some of you Nor’easters, but we and our friends and family back west find this fascinating.  : )  This is what naturally piled up in front of the home.


Having fun.


She did it!!! p1030979

Miriam playing out in the pretty snow.