Mother/Daughter and Weight Loss Picture

I had my husband take a picture of my 30 pound weight loss today (since March 1st). While I can feel a significant difference, it’ll take all summer to lose a good amount. It is NOT coming off as it did before just 4 years ago, but I am happy, content and satisfied with the results. My hips, feet and knees were hurting and I was starting to have health problems. I know that what I do now will affect my days of old age that are coming upon me. This to me is my last chance to gain strength and health before I get old. I had gained 15 pounds in a couple of months last winter due to taking Metroprolol for heart palpitations. I got rid of it and thought that losing weight would be best for my future (and kids future). I’ll take another picture at the 50 lbs loss. I’m walking and started bike riding again on the beautiful country roads out here.

Elisabeth was nearby so I had her join me.  Our picture is a bit washed out. She will be a healthy 12 in July. She follows me around all day because she says that I’m interesting… hmmmm, only a kid would say that.  : )  I love how close we are. I love this age and miss it so much from before. Only the Lord knows how much. Such a blessing to have an almost teenage daughter again to love.


I’m blurry but I like the picture of Elisabeth here. I can be blurry, right?  : )

She likes when I give her kisses still…

We have pictures of a bee inspection we had with our neighbors yesterday. But for now it will have to wait because my husband went to bed already and he has to tell me about some of the pictures I took. I know, bee linguistics….  : )

8 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter and Weight Loss Picture

  1. Lookin’ good Hadassah………….Elizabeth is getting quite tall and is very pretty……….
    Speaking of Mothers and Daughters, has your Mother arrived as yet Hadassaht?

  2. Yes, she is getting tall. It seems she grew a foot this year. : ) Yes, my mother is here and loves her place. We are all settling in and all is going very well. She has Elisabeth and Hannah spending the night tonight. She spoils them with coffee ice cream and goodies. ; )

  3. What precious pictures! You look great and your sweet daughter is growing into a beautiful young lady. I know what you mean about this stage in life with them. My children will always be my children but as they grow up they become my friends. Love and blessings!

  4. How wonderful! You did a good job, keep working towards your goal. You look so healthy. She is a beautiful young lady.
    I just caught up on the blog. Somehow I lost it then, momys went offline or something and I couldn’t remember it. I am glad I found it again! Good to see you are still blogging.

    • Sorry, I didn’t see this comment until today. Thank you Mary! I can hear your chimes through my bedroom window while I’m typing this…. that’s a good thing, it’s very hot out today. How are you and Tom?

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