Ben, Dolls and Birthday Parties

Well, I’m always a little bit behind. Here are some pictures going back to November:

Ben, after I cut his hair. I couldn’t decide between pictures of him so I posted quite a few here.


At 2 1/2, he’s still behind. He is barely eating with a spoon. He’s picking up words and small sentences now though.

Elisabeth sitting in the back room playing with dolls.

Showing off their collection. We have found most of these here in Missouri (most porcelain), for around $3.00 a piece.

They’re so excited!

Hannah’s latest beauty that she bought with her chore money. I believe she paid $1.00 for it. One of her prettiest dolls.

Wind chill of -19. This is what the window looked like in the morning.

Below zero but doesn’t look like it…. we have the skirting around the bottom of grandma’s house now.

Our kids do math and spelling on the computer in the mornings. Benjamin snuggles up with them and they gladly oblige.

Having a early morning tea party….

Leah’s 8th birthday party…

Elisabeth made a pretty decoration for her birthday.

A new doll for her birthday…

The sweet, little twins. I need to get some more of them and Miriam next shot.

Always writing things about minerals, atoms, geodes and boy stuff…

A common site this winter… all cozied up in front of the fire. 


2 thoughts on “Ben, Dolls and Birthday Parties

  1. Yes, we recently converted over to Teaching Textbooks. We found it to be painstakingly slow to get through a grade using Rod and Staff…. not to mention the kids attitudes towards math wasn’t well. I had wanted to try Teaching Textbooks for a few years and am glad we had the opportunity to do so. Hannah, who loathed math actually loves it now. It has been wonderful for Matthew and I as it frees us up to get the little’s on math and writing, etc… we now just help them on a problem here and there. They are done with a lesson in 20 minutes. I can’t say enough about the program and what it’s done for our home.

    Spelling… I bought an annual $35 subscription for 5 kids on Spelling City. It is wonderful too. Spelling was always my last priority so the kids have suffered some. They are picking up great speed now though and always share new words they have learned. I like how many of the games use the words in sentences.

    You might already be familiar with all of this. : ) What have you found works for you??? Thanks for writing!

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