Grandma’s House

My mother’s house is here. I have some pictures of the process to the arrival of the house the other day. Now it will be time to work on the inside.Lots going on here…

Preparing for the pouring of the foundation. A local Amish family business putting down the foundation.

This walkway will go to the backside of the house where we will have a nice ramp installed to the side door. Here comes the concrete…   And this little Pup wanted her picture taken.      Scraping it to make it smooth…  Once the concrete poured, they worked hard and steadily without a break until it was all set… 2-3 hours or so. Now for the walkway…  Felty’s wife here, we talked for a while. She is the sweetest woman, she looks very peaceable here. I could tell that she liked me as much as I liked her. I love meeting new people here in Missouri. They are one of a kind. 

Finishing up… Mother and daughter working together.     After the concrete was dry, the kids and a hired neighbor with a tractor came to put back some of the dirt around the house to level it.  The house came last Tuesday. I kept looking out the window until I saw it coming down the street.  I loved it and the colors right away. We did a good job! They did a good job!  Mom’s two bedroom windows, bathroom window and living room/dining/kitchen…  

It looked funny and out of place when Mom’s house was parked in the street. The twins laughed about it.     Here, he’s moving the house with a fork lift type of machinery. See the wheels on the other side?

Putting it in place…The front door.

Now we have skirting to put around it, a front porch, side porch with ramp, interior…  The paint here is Sherwin Williams – Herbal Wash for the house and Cottage Cream for the Trim. There’s much more to do, I’ll update as we continue.

2 thoughts on “Grandma’s House

  1. WOW-WOW-WOW!! When it was in the street I thought- hey! its too far away- LOL! They only need a truck to bring it??? Amazing!! Our trailer was so heavy the truck kept falling back on its back wheels! So I’d think you’d need a bigger truck than that! And the thing to move it! Amazing! It looks so beautiful!! When can I see inside!! I can’t wait! LOL!
    Such a Blessing! To God Give the Glory!
    It looks so cold there! Everyone so bundled up. Outside in weather around 40 degrees I paint in a sleeveless shirt because I’m so hot blooded. I think I would have at least been sweating enough to wear short sleeves there- LOL! Altho under 40 degrees I wear a sweatshirt. :o)

    • I’m so sorry I missed this Elizabeth. I was thinking of you yesterday, hoping you had a good Christmas. : ) Yes, you and I are alike, anything over 66 degrees is too hot for me. Though it’s in the teens now so it’s a little too cold now, but nice to cozy on up inside by the fire. My husband is so happy to not have to cut and chop wood with snow on it as he had to in Oroville a couple of years ago, (We have a gas fireplace). I hope all is well with you and your family. Lots of love!!!

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