Recent Pictures and Events

These are more recent pictures of Benjamin. He turned two in July. He likes to steal Mommy’s chair and rock in it.  : )

He loves to meander to the flowers in our yard. We love these pretty tall flowers that have been blooming since we moved in. They are our favorite. The people who were here have good taste.

Early in the morning, up for the day. Tabby (right), you look especially darling in this picture with your hair falling slightly forward.

Precious Hannah our animal lover. We just love this little kitty that they asked us to take. She blesses us with little loves.

Last week… the Mayor of our town digging for the water panel box for the meter that the water lines will go to my mother’s house. If I sound a bit ignorant of all this, it is because I am.

Two or three days ago… the water and electrical going to where the house will be in a couple of weeks.

My wonderful friend Judy (seen on our blog last Christmas Eve before Maine), made our kids aprons and the girls bonnets. Benjamin’s apron is put away until he can fit in it and Matthew, I don’t know where you put yours offhand. Does Elisabeth look sad? That’s because Hannah picked out the pink one first!  : )  I had to take this picture when her husband was here visiting. They are in Kansas city taking care of her mother and settling her in her new home and will be here around January 1st. We can’t wait! We’ve gotten close this past year since finally meeting. She found us through our blog 4 years ago or so… isn’t that something? Thank you for blessing our family with your love Judy. You are precious to us all.

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to a Rock, Gem and Mineral show in Springfield. They love finding the fossils in our yard so I knew this would be a treat. I didn’t tell them where we were going until we were in the car. They each received an egg carton and could fill it with whatever they wanted from the table. It was fun.  They had different rocks and such from different countries. We will go again next year… only a dollar a kid for admission.


The kids in grandma’s yard again and she’s not even here yet! They made a pretend campfire and were pretending to roast marshmallows. I had to run inside and bring them a real bowl of mini marshmallows. They screamed with delight.

A very pretty Autumn day. Don’t mind our upside down strollers and such… Benjamin likes to spin the wheels.

Across the street from us…

Now I’m finally all caught up to yesterday… Leah’s birthday. You all have a wonderful season of Fall… my favorite time of year. I finally feel settled in so I will be posting regularly again. We’re so blessed and happy to be here! We’ve never been so happy!

5 thoughts on “Recent Pictures and Events

  1. I’m so glad y’all are settled in. I’ve been wondering about you and praying. Your pictures bring back wonderful childhood memories of summers in Kansas at my grandparents’ place. 🙂 ~Iris

    • Thank you Iris, I’m glad to hear you had such good memories of your summers in Kansas. I bet it had so much to do with the people. The people here in the midwest are wonderful. I feel like I’m smiling all the time now. Thank you for thinking and praying for us!!!

  2. It warms my heart to see all of you so contented. This looks and feels “right” for all of you! And oh my, the scenery. Beautiful!! Blessings on each of you!

    • It is perfect for us…. not only the house but the community. We already had a neighbor over the other day for lunch. Every time I go to the store, I come home smiling because the people are so friendly and personable here. We just love it here. It feels like such a reward from the Lord after such a hard 5 years… as you know. : ) Thank you Mary.

  3. I love your house!! And the love and serene beauty of it all reminds me of Little House on the Prairie! :o) Matthew is doing an amazing job fixing things up! He reminds me of my Dad and my Isaiah, he’s just getting so much done! God has truly Blessed you with this home!

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