Recent Pictures and Events

These are more recent pictures of Benjamin. He turned two in July. He likes to steal Mommy’s chair and rock in it.  : )

He loves to meander to the flowers in our yard. We love these pretty tall flowers that have been blooming since we moved in. They are our favorite. The people who were here have good taste.

Early in the morning, up for the day. Tabby (right), you look especially darling in this picture with your hair falling slightly forward.

Precious Hannah our animal lover. We just love this little kitty that they asked us to take. She blesses us with little loves.

Last week… the Mayor of our town digging for the water panel box for the meter that the water lines will go to my mother’s house. If I sound a bit ignorant of all this, it is because I am.

Two or three days ago… the water and electrical going to where the house will be in a couple of weeks.

My wonderful friend Judy (seen on our blog last Christmas Eve before Maine), made our kids aprons and the girls bonnets. Benjamin’s apron is put away until he can fit in it and Matthew, I don’t know where you put yours offhand. Does Elisabeth look sad? That’s because Hannah picked out the pink one first!  : )  I had to take this picture when her husband was here visiting. They are in Kansas city taking care of her mother and settling her in her new home and will be here around January 1st. We can’t wait! We’ve gotten close this past year since finally meeting. She found us through our blog 4 years ago or so… isn’t that something? Thank you for blessing our family with your love Judy. You are precious to us all.

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to a Rock, Gem and Mineral show in Springfield. They love finding the fossils in our yard so I knew this would be a treat. I didn’t tell them where we were going until we were in the car. They each received an egg carton and could fill it with whatever they wanted from the table. It was fun.  They had different rocks and such from different countries. We will go again next year… only a dollar a kid for admission.


The kids in grandma’s yard again and she’s not even here yet! They made a pretend campfire and were pretending to roast marshmallows. I had to run inside and bring them a real bowl of mini marshmallows. They screamed with delight.

A very pretty Autumn day. Don’t mind our upside down strollers and such… Benjamin likes to spin the wheels.

Across the street from us…

Now I’m finally all caught up to yesterday… Leah’s birthday. You all have a wonderful season of Fall… my favorite time of year. I finally feel settled in so I will be posting regularly again. We’re so blessed and happy to be here! We’ve never been so happy!

Catching Up

I’ll be catching up here and hope to have these in order. It’s been a busy Summer with house projects and still trying to settle in. I’ll post up to date over the next few days.

Cucumber salad from our garden. Homegrown tomatoes, dill, cucumbers and onions. A good dousing of good olive oil and seasoned rice vinegar…. yum. We all love this.

My mother bought me a real pottery batter bowl. It looks prettier than the picture here. The kids would bring things in the back kitchen door all summer and drop off their pickins’ from the garden.

The following are pictures I took some months ago for my mother as this is where she will have a house put up in about 2 weeks. They already have the electrical and plumbing in place and will place the concrete slab here next week.

The man who pours the concrete will put a  concrete walkway from the side of her house to the gate here. Our home is behind me on the other side of this driveway. We;re talking about taking down the fencing here.

It is nice and mowed now since my husband bought a good commercial mower.

We walk down this road often. My husband talks to his close friend Dan several nights a week and walks down this with a lantern. It looks so pretty and peaceful with the warm glow. I wish I could take a picture of it.

Okay, It’s been a while. I am guessing they made birthday hats for Pup’s 11th birthday in July.

Homemade cheesecake…

Hannah and Elisabeth

Miriam’s birthday… all smiles.  She turned six this year. It looks like Elisabeth was hungry for cake, she’s nearly done.

Dad’s homemade see saw in grandma’s yard. The kids are on this thing all the time.

My, this is a while back…. Matthew and I (and the kids) took off the linoleum from our kitchen floor to reveal the pretty fir wood. Here he’s removing the thin paper/glue with a hot mop.


Big mushrooms in our tree out front.

Fossils – The kids find them in an area in our backyard all the time. See the shell patterns?

This is a strange pattern that occurs with an eclipse. I had read about it so when it happened on our back porch, I took a picture. Wavy, moving shapes. It didn’t get pitch black here but dark enough that we could see the moon.

Hannah’s birthday. She wanted homemade cinnamon rolls. I think my mom will like having birthdays here.  : )

Ten years old!

My husband and little Matthew trying to get the poles squared off for the concrete pourer for grandma’s house.

Grandma’s backyard…

We had an incident where the strap that holds the swing on the tree broke and Elisabeth fell. I had just bought it. I took these two pictures for an Amazon review as I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. It’s supposed to hold up to 1100 pounds. Anyways, I thought the pictures were nice of Elisabeth and Dad so I put them on the blog.

Our neighbor baled hay on our property in exchange for cash. We now have his cows on it… nice set up.

Pretty picture of Miriam!

The hay bales drying out…

Pretty picture of our house… peaceful looking with the swing swaying in the wind.

  …and look at who we have here, little Ben! He still has delays and can’t or won’t feed himself. He’d rather play with the utensils.

We got a pot bellied pig from Craigslist for free. He’s much bigger now and contained, we’ll have him butchered eventually. He reminds us of a dog, wags his tail all happy when we approach.

Tabby and Annies’ birthday! That’s what the kids call them now. Five years since you were born in Iowa. It seems so much longer.

They had never had rice krispy treats. Every kid should have them at least once so that’s what we had…. two days in a row.  : )

Elisabeth all curled up reading a book. Oftentimes the kids will play outside with Dad out there working and me taking a nap… she will sit in and color, draw or read.

Matthew tore down this shed by hand and we had some young fellows come over and break up and take the concrete. It looks so much better now. The shed was ready to go.

A few months ago Matthew finished taking down the deck. It looks wonderful now. Everything is thrown away and cleaned up, the porch is cleared off.

Our lovely tomatoes. We are still growing them. I made some chili last night and used some of our tomatoes fresh.

Little Matthew looking out the window.

A neat little book I saw on Amazon. I like it.

A WONDERFUL cookbook….. who else has this?

Leah had a severe case of poison ivy this year. I took her to the emergency room and they gave her some medicine, she looked only half as bad the next morning. Terrible stuff….

The girls are always going in my room to read or play dolls or something.

Having a tea party with their dolls.

Ben wants to be a part of it.