Our New Home in Missouri – Part II

Interior Pictures

The Living/Family Room – We sold some of our furniture to make sure we had enough room on the trailer. I bought some sitting chairs and a little table for $5 each to get us by for now. I’d like to buy a rug for this room in the winter.

Another angle of the family room. We were still unpacking and still am as I will need to buy a dresser for our office supplies. I’m buying something for our home each month, we’ll need a bookcase for all of our books as they are still in boxes. I think in a year, the house will look more lived in and cozy.

One of the old, pretty chairs I bought for $5.00. I think I’ll replace our dining chairs with pretty chairs like these.

Another pretty $5.00 chair.

Big, walking, two year old boy. Yes, this is Benjamin. He’s two now and changing so quickly. There are two doors here that close off the living and dining room from the kitchen. I believe they used to shut these and have a fire in the fireplace to keep warm, years ago.

Our tiny kitchen. It is so  cozy to me though…. I think we’ll put beautiful, old dressers and such in here to replace the lower cupboards. There are wood floors underneath the vinyl. I’d rather redo the kitchen over time, rather than expand. We have the upstairs to do still and many other projects, but you will see the pretty, wood floors soon enough. I replaced the first countertop to the left of the picture, with an old dry sink of ours, just yesterday. It looks so much cuter and fitting in our home. The little table to the right has been replaced with an old piece I found from the 1920’s. So, already I need to update the pictures.  : )  Here is a good site to buy beautiful, used, older, solid furniture. You can find pieces from the early century here as well:  https://highendusedfurniture.com/

They are local, so I only have to drive a little over an hour to pick something up.

The laundry room is in behind that door to the left of the refrigerator. We have some different plans for that…

The stove will eventually go to where the sink is so we can have the exhaust hooked to the outside. The sink area will go beneath the windows so I can have a view.

Our back storage room that gives me much relief from our lack of kitchen space. I’ll share more pictures later. We have an extra freezer and refrigerator back here. Matthew built some shelves for me in the closet for extra pots and pans and dry food such as beans. See our stairs that go up to the bedroom/attic up there? I already tore the green carpet off to reveal the beautiful wood underneath. We have an extensive project ahead of us as this green carpet covers the entire floor up there. We couldn’t fit boxsprings up the stairs so another thing on the list is to buy platform type beds or just some old pretty beds with the wood slats to put their beds in. It’s like a fort up there for now. Six of our children are sleeping in the one room. My friend Laura shared with me the other day that she thought it looked cozy. You’ll see upstairs when we are ready to remodel when summer is over. We had to put two air conditioners in there when we moved in. Since there is no bathroom, they are using a commode in a private cubby area. They don’t seem to mind.  : )

The twins being all happy in their new home.

Happy girls….

9 thoughts on “Our New Home in Missouri – Part II

  1. Beautiful! I’m so happy for you. We are moving in less than a week to our 4 acres. Pales in comparison but it’s a lot for around here. I love the swing picture the most.

  2. It just gets prettier every picture! :o)
    We love our wood floors too! I stripped so much paint off of wood work it was ridiculous. I was obsessed. It really wasn’t worth it since the built ins were long gone. You are so lucky your wood wasn’t painted. There’s nothing like plaster walls. Our 2 additions are sheetrock and they are so worn after only 25 years.
    (((HUGS))) I bet it will be homey in 4-6 months!

  3. I was just thinking of you ten minutes ago Elizabeth. I was thinking of how hard it must be and different now that your sister has passed away. She must have surely left an empty place in your home.

    You are right about the plaster and lath walls! I just read this book and I am really sold on old homes AND old windows that last 100 years compared to 15: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KTBU6Z4/ref=oh_aui_d_detailpage_o01_?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    I learned so much from this book, it really made me fall in love with our home even more and see it in a new (old) way. Anyways, it sounds like you had fun stripping it down to the wood where you did. Since we are going to redo the wallpaper in a couple of years when we get the important things behind us, I am always peeking behind the top layer and often finding two more layers from the past years. One is a pinkish brown (probably from age) with roses and flecks of gold. We found a book from the 1930’s and found that this town had a Christian college here 100 years ago and a pretty busy railway system that hooked up to another that went to San Francisco and St Louis Missouri. The prominent people mentioned of that time are all buried right next to the church that had the college on the top floor. The man who lived here in this home with his wife for 50+ years just passed away last Tuesday and the age of 94.

    • Wow! How interesting (the history!) I love history. I read a lot of northern MN history because of my Grandparents.
      You know since Mary Anne died I realized I had wasted a lot of time trying to return my house to its old glory. Time I should have spent with her. So now the place I miss her most is in the woods where we kicked back and laughed! :o) And I did all the dishes etc (things she normally helped with) and she told me “no way” when I asked her to help! SHE was on vacation! LOL!!

      I scraped off wallpaper that had been painted over 5 x. AGH!! Bad memories- LOL!!

      (((HUGS))) I think of you throughout my day, picturing your sweet loves and your beautiful “home”. :o) (real home of course Heaven)

      • I’m so sorry to hear about your bad memories. : ( I think there is a lot of good in the death of a loved one, we see things in truth so much more for a while. We can’t help but think of how we’d do it differently if he or she was alive still. I still have regrets and sadness over not spending more time with my grandparents when I was 18 or so. I was too busy doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. What I wouldn’t give to spend another day with them. I’m glad you have such good memories in the woods with Mary Anne.

  4. Love the pretty chairs. I go antiquing with my dad once a month. Always a lot of fun. God is so good. Your home looks so peaceful and beautiful. What a treasure to be in such a place as that to raise your children. Farms are so much fun…and work. It is good to raise children leaning to work and grow food. Have a blessed day!

  5. I’m so happy for all of you to have this time of peacefulness and happiness, Hadassah. You and Matthew remind me of Abraham and Sarah, in faith and obedience following where you hear the voice of God leading you. Traveling is an exciting adventure, but I know it has its challenges, but you have been a patient Sarah, and I’m so glad God led you to this place for now. Creating beauty is satisfying to the soul and working on this together as a family, as I know you do, will be such a wonderful life experience for your young ones. Just so happy for you, friend!

    • Thank you Susanna! Hearing from you means so much to me! Thank you for your kind words… yes, it was hard, especially after leaving Maine as I would have (and wanted to) make it my home. I feel like I belong there. But, we felt God’s leading and quiet voice that is always louder than our desires. It WILL be fun working on the house together. I was just sharing with little Matthew and Leah who are sleeping on an egg crate mattress down in the spare room with the extra fridge and freezer downstairs, how we are going to do the rooms upstairs. They just can’t picture it but are still excited. You know yourself from your last year’s adventures in building that addition how rewarding it can be! Thank you for writing. I’m still so glad to have met you. I have missed you. : )

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