Our New Home In Missouri – Part 1

We’ve had a lot on our minds lately and a lot of running errands…. so here are a few pictures of our home in Missouri – $150,000 = Low Mortgage Payment – 32 acres, 3 bedroom, 1 bath. With two to four years to put some time, labor, love and money into this home, we’ll be really set.

See the deck to the left, Matthew has nearly removed by now. We think the house is beautiful by itself and we enjoy the open outdoors.

Pretty, old front door…

Another door that enters into the living room. I like that the heat and the flies get stuck in here.This pretty stained glass window is just to the left.

Entering in…. remember, we were still unpacking when I took these pictures. This room and the dining room were so filled with boxes, we almost couldn’t walk through here. I still don’t know where it all went! That’s the kitchen up ahead and the dining room to the right.

Our pretty dining room! The prettiest one I’ve had! Look at the built in hutch and pretty panel door to Benjamin’s room. The chandelier was the original put in when they got electricity. The “Keltner’s” lived here for over 50 years. One day when our projects are done (The whole upstairs kids bedrooms), I’d like to have a pretty piece of stained glass put in where the yellow piece is in this picture. There’s another on the other side in the living room.

We just love this house.

A view of the garden from the dining room.

The girls looking out towards the front yard… See the phone on the wall?

I think it’s beautiful! It still works, we just don’t have a landline and may not get it hooked up as our cell phones seem to work alright here.

Here are a few outdoor pictures. Dad is putting up a swing here. He put up another on the other tree to the right. The three windows up above the porch… that’s going to be Elisabeth and Hannah’s room. It is it’s own room (unfinished) with a pretty door at the end of the large upstairs where they are all sleeping on mattresses on the floor right now. We could not get boxsprings up the stairs so I will probably buy old twin beds that will take just a top mattress, eventually, as we need to focus on getting a bathroom and a couple of rooms and insulation put upstairs. We have had two air conditioners put in up there already which seem to do a pretty good job.

The 30+ acres are to the right and behind the house. I’ll show you much more on that on another post.

The dining room windows sit below the pretty window upstairs.

The far right window is actually my overflow room. We have an extra freezer and refrigerator back there as well as other kitchen items. I have a small kitchen so it works very well for us. The back stairs are in this room and go up to the upstairs.

 Another pretty window. There is one on the opposite side of the house as well. More pictures to come….

5 thoughts on “Our New Home In Missouri – Part 1

    • How neat! One hundred, forty years old…. wow! Yes, isn’t that sad when they take all the pretty windows out, the pretty trim, the beautiful, dark doorknobs and cover the $15-$20/square foot flooring with $1/square foot vinyl? Hmmmmm, what were they thinking? Anyways, I like the looks of your home on your blog, you all seem to fit in there all cozy and happy!

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