Pre-House – Pittsburg, Missouri

This is the tiny house we stayed at in December for a month as well as April and May. For the most part, it was comfortable in size for all ten of us, but it had many problems from lack of upkeep that made it difficult to live there. The large yard and the kind, neighborly neighbors that we made friends with made it bearable.

The kids “fishing” from Dad’s truck with his tie down straps.  : )

Pretty Leah…


Still having to do school work amidst all of our travels.

We had a delightful view from our kitchen table, watching these sparrow’s mother sit on her nest until they were hatched. Then we watched her throughout the day, gather food for them and clean up her nest. Pretty soon we saw their little heads peeping out and before we knew it, they were ready to leave. And leave they did. We missed seeing these happy, little birds while sipping on our coffee or eating a meal.

Here they had left their nest and were perching on the ledge adjacent to where their home was. Soon after, they flew away while the kids happily ran out to see where they went.


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