Pre-House – Arkansas

Because we had all of our belongings on a 27′ ABF trailer in storage, we had to rent vacation homes as they are furnished. The home in Pittsburg, Missouri had some vacationers already scheduled to arrive in late June so we reserved a place in Huntsville, Arkansas. Unfortunately, we all were extremely sick (vomiting and fevers) just the day before having to pack and leave for Arkansas so it was very hard to get up and go to get here.

We just loved it here. These people own over 400 acres and have other homes on here that they rent out to vacationers. They do weddings here and other events. Yet, it’s out in the middle of nowhere. It was so beautiful here, we had a wonderful time healing up here.

Dad on the phone with his friend, Dan. We could only get cell service in this spot or up in the loft of the cabin.  Beautiful views… the kids petted donkeys and horses here.

Benjamin being all happy! He didn’t get sick – I prayed he wouldn’t get sick.

The kids playing outside…

They may have been catching fireflies here… there were hundreds.

The beautiful rolling hill with the lone tree.

Matthew is not a draw-er or color-er so I had to save this one of his.  : )

A week later we had to go to Pittsburg again for a week and then Columbia for a week…. then we get to move in our new/old home built in 1909. Here we are in Columbia, Missouri for a week. The older kids swam in a hot tub nearly every day. They all played outside so much here that Matthew and I got some good time alone. So, here’s Benjamin.

Look at his pretty curls….

Looking a little cranky!

Walking around….

Crawling on couches…


Say, “Bye”, Benjamin, “See you at our new house!”

On our drive to Bolivar to stay at the Super 8 motel that night, Matthew had a major problem with his truck. We spent over 4 hours working on his truck with a nice gentleman in 90+ degree heat in a Wendy’s parking lot. Soooo many people  bought the kids soda and ice cream or offered to help Matthew or to feed the kids. We finally had his truck towed to a shop, they fixed it in under 2 hours and we made it to the hotel that night by 8:00 or so. Thank God for all the people who helped us that day, it made me feel so good about the loving, giving people we always seem to meet in Missouri.

We had the most pleasant time signing papers for our home the next morning. We met the owners once again and they then headed for Texas. They will be here to pick up their belongings in storage at the end of July and will stop by one last time at this house. They are good Christian people. Okay, see you at the house next. I have over 300 pictures and certainly can’t post all of them so it may take a few days.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Pre-House – Arkansas

  1. Hello beautiful folks. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and updates. Hope all is well and you had a lovely 4th!

    My family is visiting and we have 5 dogs and a cat at my house (James Bond). Such a blessing Enjoy your summer and be well!



  2. It is never fun to have sickness in a large family but even worse to be traveling with sickness. Bless your hearts! God really took you around to many places while you were on your walk about. God is so good. I love the new home you are in now. So much potential, Praying for you all always, blessings!

  3. Yes, He did take us to many places! We are all the more happy to be settled now. I’m hoping for a good, healthy 40+ years in this home. : ) Thank you for writing! I just wrote on your blog. I still can’t get over William’s weight loss! I’m so glad he’s feeling better. You’re a good Mommy!

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