The Last Big Post of Maine

I found my other pictures of Maine. Don’t mind my unorganized “photo dump.”

Shells…. the kids loved collecting shells while we were there.

We had a beautiful view with sights of boats, barges, tankers and other watercraft. More pictures below…

Benjamin wondering what I am doing with my camera. Miriam had this look about 3 years ago.  : )

Dad and the kids played chess a lot.

More pretty pictures from our backyard view…

Lobster boats…. hundreds of them that day all around.

Making Snickerdoodle cake…

Taking turns…

Paper Dolls

Homemade paper dolls

Our pretty view we had…

Every night these three girls would perch over the couch here and wash Dad and I or the big kids do the dishes. It was cute!

Many of these are Elisabeth’s writings…

Dad drew this hand… I shared with him that hands are the hardest part of the body to draw, he surely did exceptionally well!

Elisabeth looked at dresses at The King’s Daughters. She made some drawings of the dresses. We just ordered a dress from there for her birthday just yesterday.

More homemade paper dolls.

The hill where the kids sled down all winter long. I had to take a picture before leaving.

The beautiful shells found on the East coast.

Sweet memories…

The best memory of our stay in Eastport…. our neighbor, Susan. She and the kids hit it off right away. Every day when she took her dogs for a walk by our house, she’d slow down as the kids would come running out to greet her and chat for a half hour or so. She has such life and happiness in her soul! She was a joy to meet and be near for such a short time. We miss you Susan!!!!

Happy, lovely woman who brought out so much joy in our children.

The beaver we saw pondering down our yard, a couple of days before we left….



Elisabeth’s drawings she taped all over our walls…

Matthew (little), started this apple tree from seeds of apples from the store in Maine. They are 4″ tall now.

Daddy drew this bird… so gifted. Hannah colored it in.

Another of Daddy’s drawings… I love this one.

I got in on the fun and drew this woman.

Pup’s drawing and some more down below…

One of our 500 piece puzzles

Playing chess again….

Tabitha’s messy face…

Learning about different kinds of birds…

Another big sight to see…

Little Matthew reading about our cells and good health.

Twin lovey doveys…..



2 thoughts on “The Last Big Post of Maine

    • Wow! Matthew has a green thumb!! These pictures were SO MUCH FUN!!! (((HUGS)));o)
      Susan’s German Shepherds are beautiful! Oh how I miss my Snowsy! What a wonderful “visit”. It made my day! I’ll be thinking on these joys!

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