Pre-House – Pennsylvania

We left Maine on a Friday in April after packing extensively for two days. Remember, we thought we were buying a home there so we made ourselves at home! We made good timing all the way to New Hampshire and then we hit traffic- for 5 hours.  The kids were so good about it. The next day was tiring as well. We came into our vacation home outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania hard, but felt sooooo relieved to arrive. We felt like we were in our own home, we had plenty of room to spread out in with five bedrooms, a darling home on acreage and Amish farms all around.

I was so happy, I woke just before 6:00 and had to get out of bed to start the day. I came outside in the quiet morning to see this beautiful sunrise. I felt so peaceful in this home.

Our kids had so much fun here and relaxation. I could tell that it felt homey to them as well. It made us happy to be here. Devon and her husband the owners were so delightful to meet. They now lived in the beautiful stone house next to the one we stayed in. I believe it was her husband’s grandmother who used to run a Bed and Breakfast type thing in the home for many, many years until she could no longer.

The only reason we took this route through Pennsylvania was to meet our dear brother in Christ, Dan. We’ve known him for many years now and my husband and him have talked through some hard times for hundreds of hours this past year and a half. They love each other so much – true, genuine brotherly love. They remind me of David and Jonathan in the Bible.  : )  The kids were so comfortable with Dan and I was so very happy to meet him too. We love you dear brother, you enrich our lives and others so very much. You have been nothing but a blessing and enhancement to our home.

I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures of the inside of the home other than this. Here our family ate and fellowshipped with Dan. We asked him what he wanted for dinner… We had meatloaf, lima beans and some other things that I can’t remember. Brownies, yes, they were good!

The view from the front porch…

The stone house where the owners live… we never saw them hardly, except for when they were driving out of the driveway. They own farm land all around.

Another view from the front porch. Oh, how I wished my mother was here with us. She would have loved it here.

The Amish house to the side of the house. I would see an Amish boy throwing a ball up to the roof of the house and catching it as it fell down. I’d see the women hanging laundry and their family going off to church in their buggy on Sunday morning.

The backyard

The morning view I had when we first arrived, but during the day now. We stayed 3 extra days than we had planned. It was all worth it.

We enjoyed it here so much. It was good for my soul after leaving Maine…

Three happy crittters!!!



3 thoughts on “Pre-House – Pennsylvania

  1. Absolutely stunning countryside! I’ve never even seen pictures of NH before! Absolutely beautiful! So different from our woods. Having its own distinct beauty! God is absolutely, unbelievably amazing!
    What a fun video! Matthew and Elisabeth are getting so tall!

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