Catching Up – Maine

I knew this day would come where I would take the time to catch up on our time from Maine so I can happily share with you about our new house and surroundings.  : )

Matthew standing with his snowman friend.

New England style hot dog buns (or rolls). It’s a long piece of fluffy bread with slits in it.

Benjamin a few months back. Just look at that curly hair. He looks much older now that he’s walking around everywhere. He started walking at 22 months old. He’ll be two years old next month. Where does the time go? I want another baby again….

Benjamin’s dear, innocent look that I love. Matthew and the kids made sentences with the alphabet letters that I bought them while we were cooped up in the house.

Little Anna. She and her twin sister Tabitha have such kind mannered dispositions. They are very loving.

Hannah doing her math. At least she looks happy today… she usually doesn’t like doing math.  : )

Elisabeth – She’s growing up! She’ll be 11 on July 6th.

Leah, she looks a little like my sister Natalie and acts like her some too…. she’s very sweet and fun to be around. Hardly ever mopey, always in good spirits.  : )  You’re fun to be around, Leah!

You’re looking older. It’s hard to see you looking a little older. You’ve always been the baby of the first set of kids we’ve had.

Here you look just like my daughter Christine who turns 29 this month. Same, exact smile.  : )  Very sweet.

Excuse our dark picture. We did lots of coloring, puzzles and drawing pictures while we were here. We found some crowns for a dollar, the girls were just elated about this find!

Your look is changing, Pup!

Tiny Tabitha. Whew, you’re still little.  : )  I must have taken this when you woke up.

Dear Hannah. You exhibit your feelings the most… good and ehem, bad.  ; )  We love your tender heart. You have good energy at this age.

I just love your smile here.

… and here.

Benjamin, you look so tiny here. You have grown into a toddler since this picture was taken a few months ago. He always put his back to the back of this futon couch and bounced forward and back.

This was a sad picture for me to see today. My friend Neysha had our kids over while we signed papers to buy a log house in Maine. They made baskets that day. My heart was so broke over leaving Maine that I cried for over a month, every. single. day. That’s why I haven’t blogged these past months. I love Maine, the quiet culture there, the place of safety and refuge that it offers. Most people who leave find themselves returning later… I can see why. We were there only 3 1/3 months and I did not want to leave! I felt like I came back home! We really wanted to live there but the Lord kept closing the doors. we couldn’t deny it, He made it so evident in so many ways. It was truly a culture shock for us to come back to the rest of the states. I read of others leaving Maine and experiencing culture shock as well so it made me feel at least justified.

Now that we have a farm home we love, I feel much better.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up – Maine

  1. My how the kids have grown! I have missed these type posts so much! God is so good to have brought you on the journey you went on and it was all for a reason. He has grown you and planted you exactly where He wants you. I know you will be a blessing to those around you in your community. God is awesome in His provision and plan for us all. I think of you all daily and pray for you often. God be with you..Blessings!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Susan. I so appreciate our friendship and your loving encouragement and prayers you have always bestowed upon our family. You and your family are a big part of our lives. : ) Bless you my friend, I can’t wait for us to write more again now that we are settled.

  2. HELLO!! :o) ((((BIG HUGS)))) Welcome back!! We’ve missed your beautiful posts! Your beautiful words of Faith and Family! The children are precious! You know my baby turned 13!! this year! Where did THAT go?? Speaking of boys- Where’s that handsome Matthew’s close up pictures!!??
    Did Hannah get a new outfit? It is beautiful! Was it made by a seamstress? The work is exceptional!
    I could “talk” your ear off about this post my Dear Sweet Friend in Christ, but I’ll restrain myself! :o)

    As for your feelings about Maine, I think we all have a “Maine” in our life where we wish to be. (((HUG))) I dreamed of a log cabin in the woods for so long I made myself heart sick. Oh the things I covet :o( and placed before the Lord back then. One day I found the Hymn “Lord Build Me a Log Cabin in Glory Land”. Eventually I realized how silly it was to pine for it, I do believe the Lord will house me in Glory Land in ways even better! :o)

    When/if you get time, read my post on my Uncontainable Joy blog, dated June 22, its called “Our Lord takes care of EVERYTHING!”. It speaks of the JOY the Lord has been placing in my heart as I watch his plan, NOT my plan :o) put into place. (instead of waiting for my prayers to be answered I see He has pre-answered them!!!) I used to wonder why I had to wait. The wait means nothing now! :o) To imagine He created my life so completely long before I was born! So beautifully overwhelming! We tell Him nothing new!! ;o)

    Even I am in awe of our new Lodge, (1/2 cabin 1/2 garage) honestly everything in there is old and used from the last 41 years, and inherited. Even the things I painted for it, I had purchased and saved unpainted (after purchasing on sale) for years before deciding to paint them for the Lodge. Tom says it looks like a magazine! LOL!
    To us it looks like the Hand of God. Only He can fill our hearts. To someone else it may look like a pile of beds! LOL! But I know you can appreciate what I’m saying! :o) Praise God!!

    Oh! Darn- I DID talk your ear off! sorry!!
    (((((((((((((BIG))))))))))))))HUGS and ALL our LOVE!!

    • Thank you for gabbing my ear off. : ) Your response meant so much to me yesterday when I read it. I was reminded of the most important thing I left out…. A few weeks ago I was reading the Bible and the Lord said to me in Psalm 90: Lord, though hast been our dwelling-place in all generations.” I got such peace and an uplifting of my spirit knowing that The Lord is my Dwelling Place! So, we have both had to come to that place with Him. It’s easy to get our focus to much on other things that aren’t the Lord’s plan. That’s so beautiful that you found that hymn, I will have to look that one up. I will look at your blog post tonight when I have more quiet time. : )

      Matthew, I just took a close up of him yesterday while shooting pictures around our house. So, you’ll see one soon! Hannah’s dress…. I found a place online a while back called, Thrifty Amish and Mennonite Closet: I have had a hard time with sewing since leaving Washington and decided to just buy some dresses for cheap online. While the dresses are only $3.00 or so, shipping is expensive there so you need to request class B shipping and she’ll take some shipping charges off. I don’t like to sew when I feel pressured to make dresses and such for 6 girls…. it just seems a bit burdensome to me, so I might have to order from them again as we are behind on everything with clothes since I didn’t sew a thing since leaving Washington. I didn’t mind the break. ; )

      Your lodge looks and sounds so beautiful. I can’t believe the pictures. The inherited things and gifts from others are what make a home so much more special. We had to get rid of much of our furniture before we left as we couldn’t fit it on the ABF trailer… it was all falling apart anyways, so I am buying pieces here and there. I bought 5 antique chairs the other day for only $30. Beautiful, old wood chairs. I just bought a rocker for $25 two days ago. I love old things, especially wood with that dark patina.

      It’s so nice to hear from you. My heart still breaks for you over you just losing your dear sister. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Bless you dear friend.

  3. Agree so good to have you back online. As each new day dawns I pray you will continue to see God’s revelations and plans for your life and your whole family. So, so beautiful and so, so blessed!

    • It’s so good to hear from you Mary. Thank you! We are not too far from you once again, maybe one day we can all get together if you are down this way or we are up there! Thank you for your prayers. I already put our wind chimes that you and Tom gifted us with, on our front porch. You will see them in an upcoming blog post soon. I just love them!

  4. Love reading about your adventures and of the kids. Love them all. Tell Matt Corky says :”Hi”. We miss you all. Washington is so far away now from you, but your heart is still at the farm, too. Keep the pictures coming and we wish you all the best. Debbie

  5. Ah, thank you Corky and Debbie! We are a “little” closer now that we’ve left Maine. : ) We finally found our home, we haven’t had a home to replace the one we had there in Washington near you two. As you know we’ve been praying for years about all this. It’s so good to finally have a good home again. I hope we can all see each other again one day! We all miss you and love you too! You are a BIG part of our memories and lives there in Westport/Aberdeen.

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