Oh my, we are having too much fun. What a reprieve we are having. We got a great monthly winter rate (cheaper than the hotels)  at this wonderful place:  http://www.thewoodward.com/   We are staying in the “Garden Guesthouse Two”. We have the upstairs and the downstairs and have plenty of beds to spread out, two kitchens and the homiest decor around. This is just a dream after being in hotels next to a man who sleeps all day so we had to tiptoe and put socks on the door latches to they wouldn’t hit too hard.  : (  After being turned down from probably 20 requests I put in for cheap vacation homes on homeaway.com (probably due to the ratio of kids to adults), the owner of these beautiful homes was open arms in letting us rent one of her homes. Her name is Elisabeth and she greeted me with a big hug, she’s a Christian too.  : ) After taking us into this home and making us feel at home right away, she took us down the street to her own home which she purchased 23 years ago and has hosted weddings, used as a B&B for years and served wonderful meals. It was by far one of the most beautiful homes I’d ever been in. It was just breathtaking to see all the beautiful woodwork and stained glass, high ceilings with arches everywhere. She bought her place when it was ready to fall apart and lovingly restored it. She then bought a home here and there on this block – two (this one), that she bought for only $2,000. What I like the most is that she loves what she does, she shared that it is her ministry and she loves meeting new people and serving them. How special. Anyways, we are just so happy to feel at home now. Now I can catch up on some e-mails and feel at home before we get in our home. What a joy and what a blessing it is to be here. I can’t tell you how it felt to buy things like butter and meat and spinach for salad today to put in the two kitchens (one in the upper unit and one in the bottom).

Now that we are settled, I’ll put out my camera cable tomorrow and start catching up on the blog soon.

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