Furnished Home

We are getting into a furnished B&B/vacation type home tomorrow for the duration of our wait to get into our home December 1st. I do not know if it has internet so if it doesn’t, I won’t be able to write e-mails or respond to any. If it does have internet, I’ll delete this post.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Furnished Home

  1. So happy for you…better than a hotel, and easier too. I cannot wait to see pictures of the new house and the kids, a family photo of you all smiling. Congratulations on this achievement. How are the kids ? Is Ben progressing more with his therapy? I certainly pray that he is and will be stronger as he gets older. Love to you all! Debbie and Corky

    • Thank you two! The kids are doing fine but a bit ornery to tell you the truth. They are not used to being cooped up and we haven’t had time for much today but baths and laundry so hopefully we can get them out soon to a park. They have played at many parks this past month. Benjamin isn’t progressing too quickly since the move since he was sitting in a car seat most of the time but he’s mobile now so we should see some changes. He’s still not pulling up as a 6-7 month old would but he’s “getting there”. : )

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