We put an offer on a home and it was accepted. It is 135K less than the one in Washington… while we wanted one much cheaper, this home has a second home on it in which my mother can stay when she is ready… she has Parkinson’s disease. I always wanted a second home to help others and to help my mother. It is very close to Topeka so my husband would be 15 minutes from the VA hospital instead of 4 1/2 hours…. I am going to have to adjust with having to go from going to Walmart with a town of 1,500 to a Walmart in a city with 127,000.  : (  That is my heart pain right now, but God has a plan for us here to help others… it’s not all about us and that’s what we’re trying to remember. The house is the most beautiful home we’ve ever been in with so much character. It’s like a French Victorian in excellent shape and craftsmanship. Matthew is very pleased with the structure of it…. it was built in 1880 but is solid like it was built yesterday. Nothing, absolutely nothing needs to be fixed.  It has 18 acres, a park like pond… very pretty, not like the typical muddy pond in Kansas, some barn like structures and two beautiful silos with ivy or something growing up them. I’d show the listing pictures but they are so bad, they don’t show a good representation of the house at all. I’ll share pictures when we move in or when the Inspector shows us what needs to be fixed. We looked at homes from 55K to 200K here and found to our disappointment after 25+ homes that they had water flowing in basements bad enough you could float a rubber ducky in it, floors so crooked that the fridge was tipped against the wall, horrible, horrible structural problems, smells of mold or just too tiny for our family (1400 sq ft with no basement or storage). The realtor shared that it is few are far in between that you could find a home for under 200K in Kansas anymore that are in decent shape… we have seen this and contemplated going elsewhere. So, while we really wanted a much cheaper home, it’s still going to give us an extra $700+ more a month to our benefit…. and we get an extra house on the property to help others. Now we’re trying to figure out if we have to stay in motels until December when the house closes or what to do. It’s hard to rent when they want you in a home for a year and we don’t want to bring the ABF truck out until we get into the home…. so that’s our update. I am only able to type now because we don’t have to drive to Timbucktoo to look at homes anywhere… oh, the miles and miles of endless dirt roads with my GPS not working and taking me in circles, kids getting carsick, having to use the bathroom, change diapers with no running water…. Whew. We’re done with the hard part. One of the kids had to go potty so we stopped to let her go in the potty seat, I decided to go as we were in nowheresville and here comes a truck. I had to cover myself, it got on my dress…. : (  I tipped hot tea all over myself in the hotel to the point of very red skin, I tipped over a bowl of oatmeal on the floor as I was preparing it in the motel lobby… I am never a clutz (my husband is somewhat naturally), but this move brought it out in me. Just overdone. Please pray for something other than the hotels for us until we get moved in. We are spending $1000 a week on the two side by side hotel rooms. We are in separate buildings at the same hotel right now as there are 3 events going on in Topeka right now. We’re in Holton Kansas, a very lovely town just North of Holton – we were able to take the kids to the park this morning for a good run around after sitting in the cars for over 2 weeks. They are acting up of course and talking back more than normal… pray for them too. It’s hard on them as well. Thank you….

7 thoughts on “WE FOUND A HOME

  1. Glory to God! It all sounds so wonderful and the fulfillment of so much prayer, struggle and work. God is so faithful and true. I can not wait to see this new chapter in your lives unfold. Blessings!

  2. Hallelujah! Glad everything is working out for you! We have a lot to catch up on since it’s been awhile since we’ve talked. We had to move also – Kansas City. We’ll only be about an 1-1/2 hours from each other. We can finally meet! I’m excited!

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to more pictures and praying you get to move in sooner or find a place other than a motel to live. Have you thought about looking at an AirBnB place or something that you could rent for a month or so?

  4. Thank you Mary. Our agent is looking for a place for us now. There are a few furnished apartments we may look at as well if we can get them month to month. I keep submitting requests to homeaway.com to stay in a vacation home as their rates are very cheap now. They must not like the ratio of children to adults though as we have been declined over and over and over again since we left Washington. : (

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