We are in Rawlins, Wyoming right now after a wonderful visit with my mother in Oregon first…. We had a 4 hour picnic at the park on Saturday. We should be in Western Kansas tomorrow evening. My cord to my camera is packed in the truck with straps around the box so I won’t be able to share pictures until we are more stable. We have found our groove with driving with the kids and motels and such and it’s going wonderful now. Hard, hard start but I feel good and refreshed right now. I’ll share more later. All is well….  : )

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. So wonderful to hear that you visited your mom and had an enjoyable visit and picnic. It sounds like a long trip but your doing fine. Then you need to settle down. Do you already have a home or know of one you want or just going to rent until you find one? Good luck friends…later and be safe.

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