1. May I suggest you review some of the information included below. This is not about voting for one person. This is about voting for the common good.

    “How can we in good conscience vote for either of these major party candidates? Well conscience tells us that we need to do what we can to put the country on the best track possible for our children, grandchildren & fellow citizens. Somebody may want to step back from voting in this election because it makes them feel uncomfortable. However, this election is not about them, it is rather about the common good. Our conscience should tell us that we are going to be living under the laws and policies and court decisions passed by the people who get in to power because of this election. And it’s going to be one or the other. The vote is not about something to make you feel good but rather about the common good of our country. We are bringing a whole party in and this is not going to be just about the next 4 to 8 years but possibly the next 40 to 50 years. The shift of the Supreme Court is going to be definitively in one direction or the other. Regarding abortion the debate is not about how to best protect the children but it’s about whether to protect them. It’s not about how to reduce the violence it’s about whether you can authorize the violence. And so in that sense it’s not a disagreement on policy it’s a disagreement on principle. And that’s what makes this more fundamental and weighty. And not just weighty, it’s foundational.” -Fr. Frank Pavone

    Not all moral issues have the same moral weight. There are 5 non-negotiable, intrinsically evil acts that can NEVER be justified nor supported: abortion, euthanasia, homosexual “marriage”, embryonic stem cell research, and cloning. Other pressing issues in our nation can be debated as to the best course of action to solve them but these cannot be!

    We are not just electing a candidate but also an agenda & an administration. We are electing an entire party platform. We must educate ourselves on each of the platforms!

    A great 2-page summary of the stance of each candidate on the issues:

    An amazing sermon (and if you pick anything out of this email to read or listen too make it be this!!!!! It’s only 19 min long):

    A very nicely thought out, well-written, easy to read blog post:

    “Between a Rock and Hard Place” by Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins:

    On a real threat to our religious freedom by Marc Thiessen:

    • Thank you for sharing Mary. I disagree with you however as it is about them as the leaders turn the hearts of people… we see this in the Old Testament how the leaders who were evil turned the common people’s hearts to evil. Good cannot come out of evil… we cannot expect good to come from Trump. I know there are many convincing sermons out there trying to persuade us Christians to vote for an evil, vile man but the Holy Spirit in each of us tells us different… that’s why there’s so much confusion regarding this subject and has been for many months. It’s sad that we are in such a time to be faced with such decisions but it is about the person as he/she great bearing on the common good and when both sides do not represent any common good, what do we do? Trump may appear to be for the common good but he is not – look at his character. We cannot vote for Trump in good conscience and very few Christians are going to celebrate if he is elected because their hearts tell them who he is and “what” he represents. Remember the judges and leaders in the Old Testament, they either led people to good or to evil. Trump will not lead people to good… of course Hilary won’t either. Let not these things divide Christian from Christian as that is what the evil one wants. : )

      • Just to add… This is such a disturbing topic to me Mary. I had to share a thought that came to me to put things in perspective and I want to be taken the right way, I’m not trying to cause dissention but how far have we gone and how far will we go? Would we vote for a Ted Bundy or other serial murderer because he represents the good for a people? It’s not right, something is wrong here. It’s all so sad… : (

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