The Holy Word of God

What I meant by our “Last Washington Post” is that I probably won’t put up anymore pictures from Washington. The appraisal went through last week so we should hear on a closing date any day now – most likely we’ll be moving next week. We are almost there….

Also, I put up a new post on Harlotry in the Church:  It is in regards to the Apocrypha – the part of the Bible that Jesus and the Apostles read and taught from. Please be open to the Lord about it and don’t be too quick to dismiss what has been a part of the church and Jesus’ teachings until lately. Do some study on church history yourself if you are feeling restless about the topic. You’ll be surprised about what you find. We cannot continue to lie down in our ignorance.

2 thoughts on “The Holy Word of God

  1. We are happy for you on the closing, but do wish you were staying in Washington. The kids are all beautiful and we are blessed for having known you and them. Elizabeth, Hannah, Matthew the three most remembered. But through the years and your blog we have met Leah, Miriam, the twins (forgot names) and Benjamin. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. Hadassah, you and Matt are in our conversations/thoughts occasionally and we wish you all the best. Maybe one day Cork and I may just show up on your door step, until then….the blog. Take care Friends and Happy Trails to you all. Debbie

    • Thank you so much Debbie. We would love for you two to visit us sometime. That would be fun! We still miss our home in Westport and hope the Lord will give us a home that feels like home again. : ) It’s never felt like home here like that home. Anyways, it was nice talking with you last week. : ) You take care too… Love, Hadassah

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