Last Washington Post

While I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for the closing date, I thought I would post our last post from Washington State… unless I sneak a few of Benjamin since he’s changing so fast.  : )  Many of these are about a month or so old.


Daddy getting honey from his hive… p1030191 p1030181

Just beautiful and so fragrant. p1030195

Pretty beeswax…


The wax processed.  It smells soooo incredibly good. p1030169

Someone’s eating strawberries. p1030173

Miriam on her 5th birthday last month. p1030174 p1030176

The girls got sick from going to the hospital last month for Benjamin’s MRI. We all got sick and stayed sick for several weeks. p1030177 Laying in Momma’s bed!


The kids cutting strawberries for Miriam’s birthday cake.


Pie pumpkins… I made some good pies with these.


Leah with a very messy face.


Our new head coverings from Amazon. They are only $8.00 a piece. They are called Peppercorn Kids Head Scarf in case anyone is interested. p1030295


Before Benjamin’s haircut. Oh, how I wish we didn’t cut his sweet hair. I miss his little baby look. I am growing it back. I’ll never cut it again.  ; )


He did very well.


All grown up looking (sniff, sniff). p1030255


Working on your standing after seeing the therapist… he is now crawling everywhere at 14 months. Isn’t that wonderful? p1030287


Your smile looks like my first from 28 years ago… I feel a mix of love and sadness.


The twins brushing each other’s hair and being silly. p1030271 p1030270 p1030269


Why we finally get to move.  : )  : )  : )

12 thoughts on “Last Washington Post

  1. So much in this post! Happy Birthday little Miriam! Such a beautiful sweetie pie! So happy about the debt being gone. We are almost there ourselves. God is so good. Praise God Benjamin is crawling! Glory to our faithful God. The honey made me hungry. It looked gorgeous! I am praying for you all. God be with you!

  2. Yay!! I’m so happy to hear your happiness in this post, friend…both about the crawling and about the moving!

    I also wanted to speak up to encourage you with our experience. Now, this could just be a special mercy of God on us for the specific calling He’s given us, but we have seen a drastic difference in our kids’ immune responses between the “old” days when Joe went out to work every day and the rest of us were usually home and the more recent years, with multiple people in and out of our home–therapists, social workers, cleaning girl, nurses, aides, workmen, etc, and numerous visits to doctor’s offices and hospitals, as well as all the older kids in and out with their jobs and other activities. Our kids are sick less often, it hits fewer of them, and it’s much milder and briefer. I remember long ago when Joe was a pastor that the kids would be miserable for a couple of weeks just because he’d visit someone in the hospital before coming home! I hope this is encouraging to you in your journey of acceptance of unexpected changes God might have ahead for you with sweet Benjamin’s needs.

  3. That is encouraging Susanna! I hadn’t even thought about the kids possibly getting sick. We will be visiting friends in Kansas and Missouri when we move and have the ability with better management of our income to have the kids out and about more. We’d love to come visit you one day as well – I’m hoping to make that Momy’s picnic. : ) So, it’s good to know that their little bodies will get used to different environments and adapt in time. : ) I’m glad that it’s worked out that way for you and your family that you can share to encourage others. Thank you for writing me. I think about you all the time. : )

  4. Oh that would be fantastic if you made it to a Big Families and Friends picnic, Hadassah! It’s hard to believe we haven’t actually ever met! You have been so used by God in my life and in our family’s life. Looking forward to your updates about your move!

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