Just a little update while we wait. We are waiting for the Appraiser to call to come out here. We did have a closing date first for August 24, then September 1st and now I don’t know when the next one will be because we’re still waiting for that call that we’ve been waiting for for a few weeks already. The buyers are moving here from North Carolina to start work in a few days… we’re all waiting.  Usually when things get going at the end, they get going fast and you wonder how to fill the days as they seem too short. I’m hoping this will be the case very soon.  : )

Benjamin is doing good. He’s starting to attempt to crawl though his right leg seems to get in the way. We have an appointment with an Occupational Therapist on Thursday. We were supposed to go last week but the house was all sick from going to the Children’s Hospital the week before. I’ll post some catch up pictures soon. We paid off our debt and I bought a new camera since my old Nikon broke. It had fantastic reviews on image quality and they weren’t kidding… the best camera I’ve ever owned.  I highly recommend it! Panasonic Lumix Camera

Here are a few pictures from a stormy day a couple weeks ago:P1030149P1030138P1030119P1030147P1030148


4 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Will be praying for you all as you wait! 🙂 Pray all goes well for
    Benjamin with his occupational therapy. I have been thinking about you all alot and praying for you all. Hope everyone is feeling better. Blessings!

  2. I was just going to e-mail you to see how its going. So sorry to hear about the delays. Since we took a very low offer and cash, we got to avoid those things at buyers request. Yeah Benjamin! Oh my every time we take in a foster boy who always attends public school, we get sick after sick after sick. Sometimes Drs offices too. :o(
    ((((((((HUGS)))))))))) We are always praying! :o)

  3. Hello All…Cork (Roy) and I miss seeing you. The family has grown since you were here, and we are praying for little Benjamin. He may surprise us all and start using that leg after all. So another move is in the works. Hadasha, your pictures are beautiful..the scenery looks like God’s country. Please tell Elizabeth, Hannah and Mathew hi for us, The others we didn’t get to know to well, but they are all in our thoughts and hearts. Matt looks the same and you look beautiful and content. I just wish you’d stay in Washington so then maybe we could visit. I just found your email by accident and there haven”t been any phone calls between the guys. For now I hope the sale goes through and fast so you can all get settled before winter sets in. God Bless and with Love, Debbie and Corky.

    • Hi Debbie and Corky! Bless your hearts… We just talked about you about a week ago or less. I wish we weren’t all so far away, we’d love to see you again. We miss you. I still miss our old home dearly… it feels like we haven’t had a real place of home since then. Oftentimes we regret selling it. But, oh well what do you do? : ) I will let the kids know you said hi. Matthew will call Corky tomorrow as I shared your nice comment with him too. Take care and be blessed. We love you and miss you both! : )

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