July Birthdays

Catching up… Here are some July birthdays. There aren’t as many pictures as usual with all that’s been going on but we still enjoyed all the birthdays.  : ) 

Elisabeth – ten years old. When I had you, it had been 18 years since I had my first daughter in 1988 so it was like I was having my first again… I took you everywhere with me… it was as if we were bound together, the memories are so precious to me. I’ll savor them forever. Here we’re eating homemade devils food cake that I made from a quality dark chocolate bar. It was the BEST and moistest chocolate cake I’ve made. The frosting is made with some of the dark chocolate too.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Pup picked out some fabric to make a skirt with some birthday money. Here she’s pinning the skirt together. It’s a long flare skirt.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We decided since we “could” have 10 birthday cakes a year that we wanted to do something different for Benjamin’s birthday. We decided to make homemade raspberry pancakes with butter, whipped cream and mom’s raspberry syrup. We did not miss the cake!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

One year old, little boy….

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The cute, little face that I always see when you eat.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Clap your hands…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beautiful Benjamin. Happy Birthday. I wanted to stop time many times with you this year. I savor the baby time so much…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Uhem, Mom’s plate…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Benjamin’s plate…


… and nine days later the twins had their 4th Birthday. Daddy was having to rip the flooring up that day because of the leak from the dishwasher so we did store cupcakes that day. They were good too. Tabitha is on the left and Anna on the right. Four years ago we had an emergency c-section because Anna’s heart rate dipped from a high 190 down to 60 and stayed there for some time. This happened over the course of the next three hours and they delivered them at 33 1/2 weeks. Daddy cried when he saw Anna first and he didn’t even know that she was the biggest of the two. It was hard, I had to leave them in the hospital for 19 days so they could gain some weight. They were only a little over 3 and 4 pounds. We had to go in for frequent ultrasounds to check for twin to twin transfusion. I think the twin to twin transfusion happened right at the end because of the weight discrepancy. Anyways, Happy Birthday girls. We’ll do something more special on your 5th birthday! We love you!


2 thoughts on “July Birthdays

  1. Such precious memories! A very happy birthday to Elizabeth! Your growing into such a beautiful young lady! And double digits this year. Wow! Benjamin…Happy birthday. Where in the world did this last year go! Amazing. And a very Happy birthday to the Anna and Tabitha! Four years old! Your big girls now! May you all have a very blessed year ahead. Blessings!

  2. Happy Birthday everyone!! Yum!! Everything looks delicious! I wish I had time to try new recipes. I do the dump and cook or nothing- LOL!! So much fun to see the kids and what they are up to!! My 4 are not interested in sewing in the least. :o( I purchased 4 projects and only 2 started 1 project and neither finished! sigh. Oh well they do so many things that “they” like! LOL!
    Does Benjamin hold a spoon?
    The girls are all beautiful. God is so good! (((HUGS)))

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