A Funny Story

Daddy took these pictures this time so upon viewing them, I thought I was seeing a sad story unfold. I’ll share what I thought I was seeing and then share what was really going on.KODAK Digital Still CameraAll looked well here. They had been picking spinach up at the garden with Dad.KODAK Digital Still CameraStill fine…KODAK Digital Still CameraHannah starting to look sad.KODAK Digital Still CameraHannah obviously hurt by Pup’s injustice in hoarding the bowl of spinach. This picture of Hannah hurt me. And look at Elisabeth… you have to know her. Sometimes she can well…  be this way.KODAK Digital Still CameraHurt turned to inquisitiveness – “Why are you this way?”KODAK Digital Still CameraPup all happy because she got her way.KODAK Digital Still CameraOh, now she is going to be good and share… Pup’s terms of course.  ; )KODAK Digital Still CameraBest friends again. All is well.KODAK Digital Still CameraThere can’t be any other explanation for what I saw in these pictures but there was. I brought them into the office the next morning to talk about the pictures and they shared that the sun was just in their eyes. There was no problem with Elisabeth hoarding the bowl of spinach. They were all happy and had a wonderful time other than having the sun glaring into their eyes.  If their confident, cheerful voices responding to my questions showed any wavering, I couldn’t have been sold on anything other than this story I saw. But, it was what it was…. just the sun. Cute story anyways, but I’m glad it didn’t happen. : )

One thought on “A Funny Story

  1. To cute! Love the pictures by the way. We are eating well from the garden this year already too. Loads of squash and green beans. Some tomatoes already and peppers and cucumbers. God is so good! Blessings!

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