Family Health

Bear with me while I take more time to post these days. Elisabeth fractured her arm a couple of months ago or so while on the trampoline doing flips (against our rules). She has had a cast put on and already had it removed after 4 weeks. She is doing well.

Benjamin will have to have a procedure done in Spokane to have his tear ducts opened. They will have to put him to sleep for this. We are awaiting an appointment for this. I’ll be taking him as he is still my little “nursling”.   : )  I think it’s going to be hard and I’m sure I’ll cry when they have to put him to sleep. He’ll be good as new with no more goopy eyes throughout the day and tears running down his face that continually need to be wiped up.

Hannah has had stomach discomfort for the past year after eating. We took her to many appointments and finally they recommended she have an upper GI done. She had this procedure done in Spokane at the Children’s Hospital that Benjamin will be going to. They saw a couple of tiny red spots and did a biopsy but all turned out fine. She hasn’t complained a bit since returning from having the procedure done a couple of months ago.

Back in 2002 I had bad heart palpitations… skipped beats (ectopic) and palpitations. They did an echo cardio gram and all was well with the structure and mechanics of my heart. They wanted to put me on beta blockers though because the irregularity was pretty bad… hours a day and for a couple of months. I didn’t want to be put on medication so I quit drinking coffee and started going for walks and it never has been a problem until a couple of months ago. This time it was worst so I made an appointment to go in to get some blood work done. I thought it would be good to at least have my thyroid, adrenal levels and such checked. Apparently my cortisol levels are pretty low. They rechecked them and they are still low so I am going in for an appointment where they will give me an injection of an adrenal gland concoction to see if my cortisol levels double. If they don’t, then I have adrenal fatigue and will have to be put on some medication – probably oral hydrocortisone. It’s been very hard to live here and it has cost me some of my health.

The good news is that from what I read, most people can start living pretty normal after starting the medication and they usually only have to be on it for a few months to give the adrenals some rest. I was wondering why I just couldn’t go on my walks anymore. Usually I lose my pregnancy weight over the Summer after the baby is born. I have had trouble walking just to the mailbox where two years ago I could very easily and quickly walk an hour a day…. remember my 48 pound loss in 4 months? I’ve only lost 10 pounds in 3 months because I have no energy to exercise. I really thought it was just the no energy thing because I’m still nursing a baby. Anyways, all should be well soon I suppose. I do have some pictures to post here pretty soon.

My good Nikon camera finally broke after 4 years so we are using a cheap one for now as we are only 2 months, maybe 3 months from paying off our debt and all be if I am going to want to hinder that!   : )  I’ve been sewing a bit more lately as I do have the energy to do that. I am wanting to change our clothing more to what has been on my heart for years and that is more of a farmy look. Dresses with aprons, ruffles, femininity, linen and a bit of pretty, classical flower patterns. Since I already sewed up the girl’s dresses for the Summer a few months ago, I guess we’ll have to wait a while before you start seeing some of our change. I’ll share the linen dress and linen apron I am almost finished with soon. I want to replace the girl’s bonnets with pretty, flowered triangle head coverings that have elastic so they stay in place. While we don’t have our dream farm here, it’s still our love and I want our dress to reflect our love for the good things and lovely things that the Lord provides in our daily lives such as gardening. I’ll share pictures of the garden too. It’s much bigger this year.  : )

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for the slow blog posts, I think the low cortisol levels affects my brain, literally.  : )  Talk to you all soon!


7 thoughts on “Family Health

  1. I will be praying for all of these specific needs. I really do get the low energy thing. It effects how the days and weeks flow and how much gets done day to day. I pray peace to your heart and good energy to get done what needs to be done. Cant wait to see your sewing projects! Many blessings!

    • Thank you Susan for all of your prayers. We all have our struggles at different times, don’t we? I finally finished my apron today and took some pictures so I’ll have to share soon. : ) Bless you and I hope all is going well for you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the newsy update. Interested to see how your health issues turn out. I can relate to the no energy malady. Love to all!!!!

  3. I read this in my e-mail, so I have been praying!!! (((HUGS))) I have a racing heart- Tachycardia. When I was a code blue in the hospital it was 180 beats a minute! Before that I had odd palpatations but while pregnant with Isaiah developed Tachycardia.
    The kids look beautiful! Oh my so big too. Where did you get your new patterns that you are sewing? Who makes them? I’d love to see what you are making!! Hope you got my e-mail?

  4. Yes, I did get your e-mail Elizabeth. Thank you so much. I just wrote you back last night! Thank you so much for your prayers. : ) I’m so sorry to hear about your heart troubles. I’m glad they are resolved. I hope they are! I made my own pattern for my apron and use an old jumper for my jumper pattern. They jumper pattern used to be a maternity one that was super short. I had to add several feet of length to it. : ) I added a couple slits in it for nursing but the apron covers it. Both are linen. I have to wear a blouse underneath so I am thinking of making a dress with sleeves sometime so I can just wear that with an apron one day. That’s my goal anyways.

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