Mommy’s Birthday and the Garden

DSC_0126-001Momma just turned 46 recently.  DSC_0184-001The kids are giving me some special cards they made for me.

DSC_0185-001Sweet hugs…DSC_0175Making cookies for Momma…DSC_0172

DSC_0161 Beautiful scenery, we love the view up here more than the view of the lake. We love the country and the quiet, majestic beauty of it. DSC_0152This is the addition to our garden from last year. Our nice neighbors came and tilled this last year when I was pregnant with Benjamin. Now we get to work it. DSC_0141Dad transplanted strawberry plants so now we have around 550 strawberry plants. He transplanted raspberries, planted tons of spinach, collards and some other things… I’ll have to ask what else. DSC_0158Dad uses the sawdust that we had dropped off for free. He is using the “Back to Eden” Paul Gautschi method: It has made our soil tremendously dark and rich underneath. DSC_0136DSC_0156 Dad and BenjaminDSC_0132Mr. Blue Eyes

4 thoughts on “Mommy’s Birthday and the Garden

  1. Oh, we LOVE the Back to Eden method! I feel like I’m one of those Multi-level marketing people sometimes with how much I talk about it. I don’t make any money, but it’s completely changed our attitudes towards agriculture. The pictures are wonderful, I always love popping in to see how y’all are doing. Happy Birthday!

    • That is wonderful Emmelia… I love your name by the way. How long have you been using the Back to Eden method? This was our first year. Matthew laid the wood chips down last Fall. He LOVES this method and when he loves something he usually sticks with it and doesn’t change his ways. It just made so much sense – God given sense, when we watched the video.

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