Benjamin 7 Months

Here are some pictures of little Benjamin taken in early March at about 7 months.DSC_0116The next picture is his sister Leah at 1 year old. I sometimes see a resemblance between a couple of the kids with their pictures and like to compare.  : )  017 (1)Maybe it’s just the two front bottom teeth… Leah here was a little crabby on her birthday almost 6 years ago. Benjamin has gotten a little (ahem) crabby too at times…. especially when you take something away from him. DSC_0119 DSC_0113 Looking kind of cutzt. We say that word a lot around here.  : ) DSC_0118  Well hello there! DSC_0115  DSC_0087 Here he is in fascination about the camera. You can see that his eye ducts have never cleared up. He will be going in next month to have the procedure done to open them up. Let me know if any of you have had to have this done. I would love to be reassured. DSC_0082 Wondering what the strange black thing with the light is that mommy is pointing at him. DSC_0084 Drooling, teething baby. DSC_0081Our dear son whom we love with all of our hearts. You have just taken us both with your sweetness. We love having a baby more now than we ever have… not because you’re more special than the others (though you’re precious), we’re just getting older.  : ) I never thought I would love babies so much as I do now. I was never a real baby person though I loved my babies dearly, but now I have the most tender spot in my heart towards babies… especially mine. Loving this blessing and trying to hold on to it as long as I can. I’m 46 years old today and there may not be anymore after little Benjamin.

4 thoughts on “Benjamin 7 Months

  1. Aaaw! He is beautiful! I don’t know if you see the resemblence between my Isaiah and my Lysa. Isaiah is really Lysa and Kitty’s bio-Uncle. Isaiah looked so much like Lysa in his baby pictures that we can only tell them apart by what they are wearing!! Pink or blue!! LOL!.

    Yes we too treasure every moment of our Isaiah. And I cried knowing he was the last, even tho he was unplanned, I thought maybe?………one more- ha! ha! But then the Lord filled my heart with LOVE for all ages of children (even being motherly to my 26 year old son in law!) and I find myself babying everyone!! LOL! Especially our new little gift, 7 yr old “G”. With his Autism he acts out often and sometimes hurts himself and cries, if we ask him sweetly “Are you a baby?” He answers back sweetly “yes”. And I no longer “feel” that void. :o) I’m old enough to mother/baby everyone! LOL!!

    But I have Dear Friends now in Heaven who fostered for years and only preferred babies. They were past their child bearing years so foster babies helped them fill the void. I was worried that might happen to me too.When they were too “old” for the agencies to let them have babies it was hard for them. God has truly blessed me with a new heart. Even my daughter Grace asks me why I don’t want a baby. My 5 boys with Down Syndrome will always be my babies. :o)


  2. Oh, that is sweet! Thank you for sharing that with me. I think if my two older adult daughters were close to me and having babies, it would help that void when it comes because I think God intended it to be that way! I think when these kids get older and start having their own it will help a lot. I’m so glad you are fulfilled and at your age with those boys, that is special. : ) Also, I will have to go look for the resemblance between Isaiah and Lysa.

  3. Happy, Happy birthday! I pray you had a blessed one! He is just gorgeous. I am starting to think that our youngest is our last as well. God builds families and knows what is best. I trust that. Truly I do. 🙂 Blessings!

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