Pray Today!

Update: It looks like we are too far apart in price and we cannot lower the price any further without going into debt so we sit and wait on the Lord and trust in His timing. I’ll post some pictures of the kiddos here pretty soon.  : ) Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for us today. We had a potential buyer come to our home the other day, she’s coming with an offer and earnest check today at 4:30. I think this is it. I have much to share later as we have seen the hand of God in this so very much. We are so excited. It’s beautiful to see when God is with you and speaking with you.

3 thoughts on “Pray Today!

  1. Any news? We have been praying!!
    Sorry I did not get back to you on your comment about my post where I was threatened. I have a horrible cold that started on Easter. I am miserable. Thank You for your kind words, it was very frightening, but no fear- the Lord took care of that- just lots of caution with wondering if this was it. The Lord is good!

  2. No, we’re not packing but we’re all doing very well! : ) Thanks for thinking of us though. I will get some blog posts up in the next day or two… it’s been wonderful weather so we’ve all been outside enjoying it. I hope you are over your sickness by now. Take care, Love, Hadassah

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