Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I finally got the first 20 dictation lessons done. You can find the lessons at the top of the page on the “FREE FOR HOMESCHOOLERS” tab. I believe anyone can hear the audio. I just found it this morning and have been converting the WMA files to MP3. I am NOT computer or internet savvy, so even doing this was a bit hard for me. Just because you are a friend of mine, do not feel obligated to use this. We all have our own methods or curriculum that we use and you will not hurt my feelings by not using it. We use Rod and Staff for our curriculum and I am not partial to much else. However, I wanted something more for the writing side of things for our children as writing is important to me for our children.

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated. Anything you see that I need to improve on, let me know. If you see any grammatical errors, let me know. I copied and pasted Scripture so hopefully all will be well. I’ll add more dictation when I can… soon.



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