Just a Few More

I just wanted to add a few more pictures and now I’m caught up until I have to download whatever is on my camera. I’m in a silly mood today, I don’t know why.  : ) DSC_0002The kids sliding down the hill in the slippery snowsuits. I can’t let them use the sled in too many places (they can go into the lake or run into the truck, etc…), so they played on this hill a lot this Winter.  : ) DSC_0009Daddy with Benjamin. I bought Daddy a new vest a couple months ago for only $17 on Amazon. He loves it and I am so glad. I love the way he looks in a vest, he looks like a man!  ; )  By the way, Matthew is so in love with Benjamin. I think he is just savoring that he could be our last. DSC_0025Little cutie pie and Mommy. I bounce him around a little so lately I’ve been calling him Mr. Bounce.  : )

2 thoughts on “Just a Few More

  1. Very nice vest!! I can never buy anything for Tom, he refuses to wear it. :o( Benjamin is so cute!! I love pictures of him! The view from your house is stunning! What a gift from God to have the memory of that view! We did not get enough snow to play in this year. :o( Today it was 40 so what little we had melted.
    Now that Isaiah is 12 it is no longer bittersweet that he’s the last!! His growing up makes me have to move on, as I am sure is God’s Will. Otherwise I would mourn the past- and I think that leads to trouble! (wink*) I am getting excited for Isaiah’s new found hopes and dreams! (the Airforce) But right now you can’t help but hold Benjamin extra close!! He’s still so fresh and new!! I’m so sorry your step son passed away.

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