We are praising the Lord as He has enabled us to pay off our first debt we incurred from moving here from Iowa. Since November 2015, we paid off $5490.00. Our Citi card is ZERO. We are so thankful to the Lord, we just had to share. Next month (March), we are taking a break to buy some much needed things and then we will go forth to finish the last debt that is just a little more than the first.

Just so everyone is clear…. our debts were not from spending frivolously or with evil intent. Both of our credit scores are over 740. We took a loss on our home in Iowa from moving back to Washington and everything went downhill from there. Our move here was supposed to be only $1700 with ABF Freight, cost over $9000 because ABF would not come to our doorstep as we were out of their range. They had to transfer all of our belongings onto a Wheaton truck so Wheaton could deliver here. The air conditioner going out when we moved in, the pipes freezing and breaking in the garage, over $3000 in truck and car repairs and so, so much more that we endured month after month while the Lord was chastening us. We could not pay a dime but with each emergency each month we had to go down to our last dollar or put it on the card. Now that His hand is lifted from us in the manner, we are able to pay our debts and our burden actually feels light. We’ve never had a Winter go by as quick as this one has. This is so much easier than when His hand was upon us for almost 3 years, month after month so we could learn from our folly of moving here. He is helping us, He is guiding us and He is loving and kind.

4 thoughts on “Praises

  1. Oh Hadassah!! I am PRAISING God with you!! PRAISE Him, our Deliverer!! We too paid off a huge amount of debt. The debt of our 2 other properties (lake lots and the 19 acres) We took out loans for them, but invested into them as retirement funds. We paid them off after 25 years. It is such a GIFT from God. Although the “income” we hoped for won’t come until one is sold. So far the Lord is not allowing that. And yet this fall he sent us a small source of extra income instead. (caring for Chris) So He always makes sure we’re very well cared for in every need. If we (Tom, me) die before the lake sells, we’ll give it to the Salvation Army. For all they did/do for our very mentally ill son. And we know that it will be God’s Will.
    Oh how I LOVE the Lord, with all my heart and strength! I know you do too!

  2. I am rejoicing with you!!! I can sure hear your excitement in what the Lord has done for you two. Don’t worry, He will have a buyer come at just the right time. How generous that you would want to donate it in the event that you two pass away. Our money is of no value here unless we are helping others. : ) We can’t take it with us so we may as well use it for good for the short time we have left here. You are a dear woman Elizabeth!

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