No Mortgage


Since buying this home and being chastised by our loving Lord, we yearn to not have a mortgage. There is a home in Kansas that we love that if we were to sell our home soon, this dream could be a reality. The home is on almost 5 acres and it’s only $39,000. It is beautiful though, see for yourself:

We’ve had more hits on the listing of our home since we nearly sold it a couple of months ago. Somebody seems interested. We’re hopeful that this is the Lord’s plan. We’d be far from the VA again but being able to afford better tires, normal maintenance on the vehicles, it would be worth the extra money we would have available to us each month. We want to help others and desire this for our children to see and partake of and if we were to take out a 15 year mortgage, my husband would be 72 years old by the time we paid it off! So, we might not be able to have a dairy cow… is it worth paying an extra $100,000 more so we can have a cow? We would of course have inspections done on the home, put up new wallpaper, etc… You may be wondering why the home is so cheap, it’s because of the location. Just as this home was so cheap for what we got, location. We have grown to love the down to earth, transparency of people who live far away from the big cities though so we would actually prefer it. What’s interesting is that before moving back to Washington, we looked at a home in Phillipsburg, Kansas not too far from this home just 3 years ago. Anyways, pray that we can move soon. Still waiting almost 3 years now…

6 thoughts on “No Mortgage

  1. What a beautiful home! I don’t think the price is cheap, in this economy selling homes farther out is very difficult, making prices less than value. We are praying too. (((HUG)))

  2. Are you still hoping to move to Holton? Was wondering if I’d ever get to meet you in person!
    Many Blessings,

    • Yes, we are still planning on Kansas but I don’t know about Holton. It all depends on where the Lord leads us at this point. : ) I can’t believe the timing of you writing me. I was thinking of you just 2 days ago as I haven’t seen you on Momys for a while. How is your little one and how are you? How is the ministry going? Bless you too!!!

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