Christmas Cards, Snow and The New Year

DSC_0012Opening Christmas cards from GrandmaDSC_0020These are just the cards from Grandma. We also received some from our closest friends this year. It means so much to us!DSC_0013The snow about a week or so ago…DSC_0017It’s even thicker now.  DSC_0074The lake starting to freeze over. Now it  is almost frozen over. DSC_0075I went to Walmart yesterday and we saw these “Ugly Sweater Cookies” that you decorate. I don’t know why they would call them ugly sweaters. I think they are kind of cute! DSC_0079The kids had fun decorating them this morning instead of doing math.  : ) DSC_0083Elisabeth really took her time on hers. DSC_0084Leah did too…  DSC_0087Hannah’s sweater cookies.

While we don’t stay up for New Years, I cannot help but reflect on the past year. We have seen 3 of our neighbors pass away. Our little Benjamin born and my mother was able to visit us this year for 2 weeks. We had the scare of the Okanogan Complex fires too.

Looking ahead, I believe our debt will be paid off. Our first debt on Feb 1st will only have $1,300 left to it. On November 9th we had over $5,400 left to pay on it. We are going without everything that we can and we are doing okay. We put our meager savings towards it and a little other money that came in. I’m hoping towards the beginning of Fall when our second debt is paid off that the Lord will have mercy on us and move us. I’m going to start reading through the Bible again this year. I love to read it randomly but believe it’s healthy to read it through as well. Matthew reads through it almost yearly. I believe he’s read through it about 8 or 9 times since we’ve been married now. He has big plans to expand our garden this year. He and little Matthew are just itching to get busy on the garden again.

I pray that all my friends and family will have a good year, but better yet, be strong in the Lord and bear through the hard trials that are going to be ahead for some of us. Some of our closest brothers and sisters in Christ are going through their most troubled time in their marriages – dire trouble, and it appears that the marriages will be destroyed. We feel almost as devastated about it as they do. It hurts. We are praying for reconciliation and a miracle.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards, Snow and The New Year

  1. Absolutely adorable giraffe card! Love seeing the snow. We have had rain and flooding non-stop. Now it is getting a little chilly but still not cold out. Love seeing the children’s cookie creations! Blessings!

  2. After the first time I read the bible through, (about 10 years ago) I sincerely became addicted. It actually takes me 6- 9 months to read thru depending on how hard a year it is! So I’ve lost count as to how many times. Not that any of that matters. :o) The only part that matters is reading the LIVING Word daily so He can guide us!!
    Grandma (my mom) sends so many cookies we don’t make any! It’s 1/25 and we still have some left!!
    I did not get time to do cards this year with Chris (CC) here. :o) We weren’t able to decorate with our snow theme either. But the warmth of Christ is the most important!

    • Wow, good for you Elizabeth! My husband read through it for the first time ten years ago too. He just starts from the beginning and reads through it when he’s done. About every year to year and a half. I have to MAKE myself read through it. I love to just pick it up and read it or pray and read where the Lord guides me but I still need to get the whole Bible in it’s entirety so I bought the 1 year Bible and am now 10 days ahead already! I am so happy about it. I bought the Kindle version too though we don’t have a Kindle yet but do have the Kindle thing for free for your computer. So, I start reading it in the morning while feeding Benjamin before making the other kiddos breakfast. Anyways, you are sure an avid reader of the Word!

      How nice of your mom to send so many Christmas cookies. : ) We don’t normally do cards but thought we would send something out this year. We really enjoyed it, I think we’ll do it again next year.

      • That is exactly how I read thru my first time! Using a 1 year Bible! And I read ahead too, which helped on those days I was too ill to read. I’d get so excited as I read I’d just HAVE to read ahead some days!! LOL!! ((((HUGS))))

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