Special Things

DSC_0001Sleeping baby in Mama’s blanket that I knitted for him while I was awaiting his birth.  DSC_0007Colorful eggs from our chickens…. different shades of brown, blue and green.DSC_0001Nearly 5 months old, a blessing that he’s alive and healthy. DSC_0015Starting to look more boyish. DSC_0036Special things Mr. Special!DSC_0052Putting together a model dump truck that someone special sent some months ago. Special that we got to partake in this on a cold, rainy day.DSC_0053Special feeling of accomplishment…DSC_0056Elisabeth’s Solar System. She even knew how large to make the planets and the order to put them from the sun. DSC_0066A special homemade blanket and shawl from a special friend. Benjamin just  couldn’t resist.  : ) DSC_0068Our simple Christmas things… It’s not much but it makes the children happy. DSC_0070Beautiful snow still lightly falling. A beautiful sight to see.

3 thoughts on “Special Things

  1. When I was pregnant with Isaiah, the last month, I had an incredible urge to “save him”. I felt as though he needed to be born immediately. I felt restless. I trusted God and God was in control. But looking back was almost more worrisome, as after his birth I was moments near needing a blood transfusion, and he had survived an emergency Csection. That’s when I remember Phillipians 4, be anxious for nothing.
    I know you can relate and that you know how blessed we are to have God use our weary worn out bodies to bring forth a life, when many healthy women may never conceive. I am in awe of His Will every day! I love seeing Ben grow!

    Elisabeth did an amazing job on the planets!!

    We have some snow decorations, we haven’t put them up yet! Too busy with CC coming and going! Anything we have that depicts Christ’s birth (we have a few) stay up year round with our couple of pretty knick knacks of the Resurection. (the rock with scripture)

    Your post makes me feel warm and cozy- the snow outside, the warmth of Christ and a family inside! :o)

    • I wonder if it’s an age thing. The older I get the more worried I get with each pregnancy. I worried every. single. day. with Benjamin. It was hard. I am so glad we both were blessed to have our last pregnancy come to fruition. I think of you often when I am looking at Benjamin. I know how much you felt blessed when you had Isaiah. I know he was so special to you and you were grateful to God. That’s how I feel every day when I go in to wake him and feed him. : )

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