Little Sweeties

My husband has a dentist appointment at the VA four hours away in Spokane, so I thought it would be a good time to blog today.  : )


Elisabeth wanted to sew one day. She sewed all day long… little “specials” for everyone.  : ) DSC_0013

The twins ready to play with play dough. I moved my sewing table here out to the living room so they could start doing some homeschooling too.


Of course I had to sneak in a picture of you!!! Now I call him Mr. Special. DSC_0020

Winter is here as you can see by the fire in our fireplace.


Leah’s new birthday Giraffe from Grandma Pam! DSC_0030

Oh, how happy she is! DSC_0041

Big 6 year old with her Giraffee.

3 thoughts on “Little Sweeties

  1. Happy Be-lated Birthday Leah!! My Grace’s favorite animal is a Giraffe!! Yours is very nice! And looks so soft!

    Oh my the girls are looking so big- and sewing!
    We are blessed to have a VA hospital right here in the city. But often they send the guys to the biggest one in Minneapolis, thank goodness it’s only 1 1/2 hours away.
    I was reading about how years ago, a horse and cart ride that takes us 1 hour to drive up north (Emily to Brainerd) took 3 days! Can you imagine!

    • Yes, I can imagine! When we moved into this home, the owners left us all of their books. Anyways, one of the books had the history of Okanogan County here and there were pictures in it of people riding up the mountains and hills on horses. It would take them several days to get from one town to the next. It was a fascinating read!

      Glad to hear you are close to a VA. Matthew has to drive almost 4 hours one way. Yikes!

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