Mr. Handsome

I recently started calling Benjamin “Mr. Handsome”.   : )DSC_0015He’s wearing Matthew’s old clothes here.DSC_0007Someone needs to wear his clothing… they’ve been sitting in a box for nearly 7 years! DSC_0002They look pretty cute on you Mr. Handsome! DSC_0001I am going to miss having a baby around. I am going to miss you getting bigger. It’s always my heartache. DSC_0077I think it’s going to be a long time until there’s a baby in the family again. DSC_0057 DSC_0056Hmmm…. Someone has been gaining weight! DSC_0055Though this picture is a couple of weeks old, you weighed in at fourteen pounds today. That’s about 6 pounds in 6 weeks! I think we’ll call you  Chowhound. : )DSC_0053 DSC_0048I love how your little lower lip tucks under. You don’t have any teeth there to keep your lip from tucking back all cute. DSC_0080It’s sad, I know I won’t hardly remember you as a baby. I have a hard time remembering my children as babies. DSC_0042You are so precious to me. I always tear up with new babies as I think about babies in the world being hurt.  : (  We live in a sad world. DSC_0017DSC_0014Your brother and sisters love you too. They brought toys over for you to look at when you wake up from your snooze.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Handsome

  1. My he has filled out! Those cheeks are so sweet! I know what you mean. Every baby I have, I try to cherish each moment, as I dont know if this will be my last baby in our home or not. I have really tried hard to enjoy Kinsley and Anna-Kate. Pure contentment as I rock them. The only things that fills the crick of my neck, is a new baby to rock. It ached for more babies for years and God was gracious and blessed us again. God is so good. Blessings!

  2. What a doll! I had NO baby boy clothes!! When Isaiah was born. My youngest boy (Gabriel) was 9 then and I had tossed/donated all boy clothes because we had 3 baby girls-LOL! (Lysa, Faith, Kitty)
    (((((((HUGS))))))) Sweet Benjamin!

  3. Hello, I googled about my 11 week old only weighing 8lbs. I came across your blog. Little baby Daniel is my fourth child. We have hired 2 lactation consultants and are on our second pediatrician. I have breastfed all my other babies. They have all been tiny. Just not as tiny as Daniel. The last doctor wants me to stop breastfeeding all together. I am devetasted. I want to cry every time I give him formula. I don’t want to stop nursing him. When I read your posts and see how healthy your baby looks I am encouraged to do the same. Thank you.

    • Don’t stop nursing him! Nurse him first and then give him a bottle of formula. Our Benjamin is now 6 months old and I only give him 2 bottles a day now. I think my milk increased a couple months ago or so. I could probably get away with not giving him any bottles but we home school so it’s better for me to stay where we are at. Feel free to give me a call if you want to talk! Hadassah 509-476-2073

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