Our Honeymoon 10 Years Ago

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Our wedding flower – Blue Hydrangeas 


I think I will close with this last post of reflecting on our 10 years together in marriage. Most of our memories with bearing children, farming, moving to Iowa and such are in the previous posts and I don’t want to show the same pictures with the same stories that are already here. But I do want to share what a honeymoon is between a couple who is Christian and has never been together in intimacy before marriage.

Before we got married, a friend of mine who had stayed pure before marriage with her husband shared this with me. She shared that when they got married they went to Disneyland for their honeymoon. Her tone and excitement picked up as she shared that they didn’t leave the room for 5 days before deciding that they best get going and actually go and Disneyland. You see, they didn’t need to go anywhere special for their honeymoon because when you haven’t been together with your spouse before marriage and finally do, you cannot top your intimate time together with a place outside of the bedroom. I share this with all purity and sincerity. The problem with us today is that when most of us get married, we’ve already “known” the person who is to become our spouse. We need to go to elaborate places and do exciting things to make it significant. This was not God’s plan. My husband and I went somewhere we had never been before and that is the bedroom. We read some time ago that those who abstain from relations before marriage have less than a 2% divorce rate. Now isn’t that something? We know from experience that it is because there is value there because we both waited.  : )  I don’t share this to make anybody feel bad, we have our past before we came together. I share this so that we can see what is really normal, the way that has always been dominant in most societies and cultures and what is the right way in the Lord’s eyes. Let us not forget this way towards marriage. 


3 thoughts on “Our Honeymoon 10 Years Ago

  1. I’m so behind on blogs!! After this I’ll head to Susan’s. :o) I really enjoyed reading these beautiful posts on the kids, your wedding, and the beginning your precious life/family with Matthew. Thank you for sharing! God has truly blessed you! ((((HUGS))))))

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