Things I Remember…

In between posts I remember things from our first times together and first years. I’ll share these recollections so I don’t forget later on.

When we first met while doing homeless ministry, I remember Matthew and I talking once and I asked him what Christian books he liked to read. He shared that he only read the Bible and Charles Spurgeon. I got really excited because I believed (and still do) that we can get too carried away by books about God and the Bible while not reading the Bible. The Word of God should always be first. Anyways, I was impressed by this man and had hope that he might take God seriously.

Another thing that was impressive to me was our first phone conversation (that ended up being one and a half hours). He shared with me that he didn’t have a television. I got estatic! He couldn’t miss it on the other end of the phone, my excitement over him not having a television. You see, years ago someone told me that I would never find a man who doesn’t lust or doesn’t watch television. It really hurt me to the core. I didn’t have a television at the time and was very strong in not having one. When he shared this with me, it was the first time I really wondered if the Lord had plans for us to marry one day.   : )

Though we both still looked kind of worldly, we were both really drawn to each other spirit to spirit. We both took the Lord really serious to the point of offending people (not trying to). We both had such a seriousness about the Lord, a devotion, a wanting to give our lives to Him every day and to be pleasing to Him. We saw that in each other and that is what drew us to each other. We were not drawn to each other physically in the beginning as we were used to from previous relationships. It was different.

The first time we went to Denny’s to have coffee together, we walked out to our cars to part. We drove away and then he called me soon after I got home. He shared that he didn’t know whether to kiss me or hug me or what to do when we parted in the parking lot. I shared with him what the Lord had told me over a year before, that no man was to kiss my lips until we were married. I knew this would either draw him to me or away from me. He got so excited about it that I got excited. We were so happy to hear in each other’s voices the desire to be pleasing to the Lord and to try to be pure before marriage.

3 thoughts on “Things I Remember…

  1. How blessed you are to have a husband who only has eyes for you. Who can only see beauty in one woman!

    May God bless you and your family always. You are an inspiration!

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