Part 3 – The Early Days

DSC_0004I forgot to mention on “The Wedding” post that when we got home to his house that I would reside in for the first time, he had put little notes/love letters throughout the home to make me feel welcome and comfortable. He continued writing and leaving me notes for the first 2 or 3 years until we started to get too busy with the new babies…DSC_0029    DSC_0018

Baby Matthew was either in my tummy here (in the note above) or I was holding him.  : )DSC_0024December 2005 in our first home together in Westport, Washington. We still miss our home.DSC00014aHere I was pregnant with Elisabeth. Matthew thinks I look about 19 years old here. I was 35 coming up on 36.DSC00006Another pregnancy picture with Elisabeth.DSC_0017One of Matthew’s notes… A zygote is a cluster of cells that precedes the forming of what we know as the fetus or embryo. He used to call Elisabeth a zygote (zi-got) before she arrived.DSC_0021Daddy in the hospital in 2006 as a brand new dad. DSC_0010Elisabeth 2006

pictures-590 pup

DSC_0028The beginning of our family In our backyard.DSC_0022I loved having a fireplace in our kitchen. It was the thing that sold me on the house the most… it was so cozy.

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