Part 2 – The Wedding

DSC_0023  DSC_0020

Right after our first kiss together. It was so very important to us to stay pure before marriage. We did it with  the Lord’s help and prayer before seeing one another and knowing when to part.  DSC_0025

I was so happy…. though I’m happier today.


October 1st 2005

10 thoughts on “Part 2 – The Wedding

  1. Thank you Susan. Before we got married, we went somewhere together and Matthew ran into someone he knew. It was peculiar because he was 2 hours from his house. This person asked if we were brother and sister and he shared “No”. She replied that she thought we were kindred spirits. : )

  2. Hadassah, you lookeded stunning. I must say you have changed very little. And what a beautiful dress. Go ahead with more installments, I have my box of Kleenex at the ready! Happy wedding anniversary to you both 🙂

  3. You should have replied to the woman that you were brother and sister in Christ! :o)
    Your wedding dress is stunning. It is absolutely beautiful! Compared to what the girls wear now. I told my Grace- please don’t go strapless. Well it was spaggeti straps…………sigh………..

  4. Hadassah, you looked stunning and so happy. You have changed very little in these 10 years. And what a beautiful wedding dress. Go ahead with further installments, I already have a box of Kleenex at the ready 🙂 Happy wedding anniversary to you both.
    Blessings, Sofia xx

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