Benjamin – Update

Update October 1st:  11lbs, 3 ounces. Yeah!

Just a quick update. He’s up from 8lbs 6ounces last Friday to 9lbs 8ounces this Friday and a quarter inch gained in length. Praise God! I am using an electric pump on occasion and I think it’s helping… I just got 3 ounces after I took a nap and he nursed 2 hours ago. He does get a little anxious about the letdown not coming for about 30 seconds as he’s used to instant milk but he still happily nurses. He is gaining though and on his way. He looks like a different baby in just a week!   : )

4 thoughts on “Benjamin – Update

  1. Aaaw! He is an absolutely beautiful baby boy. If we lived closer I don’t know if I could put him down! LOL!! I have this thing about babies as I age. I can’t put them down because you can only carry them so long, it goes by so fast! When I was young and foolish I thought it was a burden, but it’s not! (((HUGS)))

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