4 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. WOW! That is a nice sized garden! :o) Two questions :o) Does water run off because it is not flat ground? And is that good soil for planting? The reason I ask is our soil in the city is too sandy. Does not hold water well at all. Plants, even grass does not care for it! Our soil at the acreage is too dense/wet and clay. And the soil at the lake was also either super dry (sandy) or very wet. With water pooling in areas. Strawberries loved the sandy soil, blueberries loved the wet acidic soil.

  2. Beautiful garden. I miss gardening so much but will get back to it when life slows a bit. It really helps with our grocery bill and is so much healthier. The wild turkey’s look delicious! Do you have any more from your small flock or did you butcher all of yours?

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