So Sad

Here’s our first test video of little Benjamin. Oh, he just looks so sad. I finally had to turn it off and pick him up. His left eye looks a bit watery due to the ointment that the doctor prescribed for him. His eyes are still getting the goopies in the morning.

Let me know if it’s not working on your end and I’ll open up a Youtube account and post a link from there.

4 thoughts on “So Sad

  1. So sweet! (((((HUGS)))))))) Who could put him down! LOL!! When Isaiah was born my at home kids were 14,13,11,9,9 (Samson with DS), AND 3,2, 6 months and Isaiah! Oh how I miss those days! I often have to get after myself to not “worship” the “fun” past by dwelling on how hard things are now. :o) Hope that makes sense. :o)

  2. Yes it makes sense. When these kids were all babies and toddlers, my older kids were out of my life. It was very painful (and still is). I tried my best to enjoy them but it was so hard, so very hard with just babies and toddlers and no big kids to talk to anymore.

    Yesterday I was looking through pictures of our old home we left in Western Washington 3 years ago. I was kind of worshipping the past and wishing we were back there and discontent being here. : ( I guess that’s why the Lord tells us to be content with just today. He knows we can easily lose sight of today by looking back.

  3. I would have to hold him as well. To sweet and that pout. Oh my! With all those older sisters and a big brother to keep up with, he will be well loved! We have had a baby with blocked tear ducts. Do you massage them and clean them out in the morning? Often it will clear them for several hours.

  4. Yes, that’s what it is! Blocked tear ducts. I am so tired I can’t think of simple things like that. : ) Yes, I clean them ever morning with a touch of coconut oil on my fingers just so they slide better and are more gentle on his eyes. It has done nothing for them so I finally had to take him in. I think it’s just starting to help now… the ointment.

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