Pictures Part 1

In the midst of the fire situation here, we still led a pretty normal life. The best part of the past couple of weeks was that my mother came to visit us for 2 weeks. Now that she’s gone, there’s an emptiness in our home without her presence. I miss her dearly already. I did take pictures of her but she isn’t too partial about me showing them on the blog so we’re just keeping them as family pictures.  : )

Miriam’s Birthday –


Little 4 year old…. Since we have strawberries in the garden, we’re doing strawberry shortcake again. Grandma liked our strawberry shortcake. Of course, Miriam did too! DSC_0015

A wonderful gift from Grandma Pam. Special books for Miriam. She loves her little books. DSC_0024

Benjamin napping on Grandma Pam. All content and comfy. Grandma loved holding Baby Benjamin and I know she misses him already. It was precious to see how much she loved holding her grandson. She’d look and look at him like a mother would. DSC_0038

Three cute little girls. DSC_0041

Benjamin sleeping as all babies do…. DSC_0051

Our beautiful baby boy. I love this picture of him. He has a soft spirit about him. One thing I don’t want to forget about him is that his eyelids open and close very soft and slow when I am nursing him. He has a very quiet place about him, not all babies have this.   : )

3 thoughts on “Pictures Part 1

  1. Oh my goodness I am in LOVE!!! LOL! The girls are beautiful. Miriam you look so smart in your glasses!! Happy Birthday!! Baby Benjamin brings back memories of my sweet Isaiah. I actually took a discreet picture of him nursing. He was 10 months. One month later I had an abscess on my colon and was hospitalized, I had to stop nursing immediately! It was awful, even my Grace who did not understand my nursing him told me he was so sad. I cherish that picture! When Isaiah was a baby toddler if I was upset with him he ran to me immediately! And he napped laying on top of me as I napped till he was about 5! LOL! I just LOVE boys! ;o)
    (((((((HUGS)))))))))) to all! Does Grandma Pam live far away?

  2. Happy Birthday Miriam!! Getting so big! Benjamin is just beautiful. He looks like a sweet gentle baby. I am so glad you had a wonderful visit with your mom. God is so good. How blessed we all are! Blessings!

  3. Beautiful pictures of the girls and Benjamin. He is a very special gift at this time in your life. Happy Birthday Miriam. Where did the time go? Love to all!!

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