The Fire


The Mask Family


Fishing in a smoke filled lake…DSC_0014

Our family of quail decided to perch upon the rail of our deck the other morning.

The fire is nearing Loomis, the closest town near us. Fortunately, the evacuation level has been downgraded from level 2 according to our neighbor.  It is not expected to burn down any structures there. It’s traveling at about a mile a day so I’ll be interested to see where we’re at in about a  week or so.

4 thoughts on “The Fire

    • Hi Susan, We are doing just fine though. We’re just waiting and actually resting and living life normal now. If it actually get’s close, close, we’ll start panicking a little again. I worry more about the inconvenience. We don’t have a lot to lose. We can probably save what is important to us but everything else can be replaced. When I worry, I worry about us and hope we get out in time but I’m sure we will. We have neighbors who’s son is a volunteer firefighter. We all keep each other informed in one manner or another. For now, we’re eating brownies and doing home school, living normal other than the smoke we have to avoid. I’m just now able to get to my e-mails more, etc…. it feels good to get some normalcy since the baby was born. : ) You certainly know how that is!!!

  1. Hadassah I’m so sorry this is so close to you. We are praying for your health and safety. We’ve had smoke 400 miles away from Canada. But you are right in this. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))) How is baby?

  2. Hi Elisabeth. He’s doing just fine. I will share more pictures of him in the next couple of days or so. I have looked at your blog and probably still need to comment on a post or two. It’s hard to nurse and write at the computer or even get on it sometimes. But, I still look at you and Susan’s blog often though I did miss your last several posts because my mother was here. We had a wonderful time together. I miss her dearly. Anyways, Benjamin is doing fine. Slow weight gain so he still looks like a newborn but I am taking Fenugreek and he’s now putting on over an ounce a day. : ) By the way… I love your new kitten pictures. I forget what kind of cat breed they are but they are cute/ugly in a special kind of way. : ) Their lack of fur makes you want to pet them. I hope you all are enjoying him. He looks so cute with his doll clothes on. Take care….

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