Pray – Wildfires

Please pray for us. The wildfires in Washington are coming close to us. The very town where Benjamin was born (Tonasket) is under immediate evacuation. The town is only 17 miles from our home. The hospital cancelled my husband’s biopsy in Tonasket that he was to have tomorrow morning due to the evacuation. The person he spoke to on the phone said they could see the fire coming up over the hill. When I heard that, I started to cry. I don’t know how quick things will turn and if we will have to evacuate soon but we’d probably have to go to Canada as all of the highways are closed due to the fires. Our neighbors shared they have never seen such a thing here. We are nervous. My mother is visiting us and has Parkinson’s Disease and would need more medication mailed to her. She won’t be able to go home next Wednesday as the highway is closed and fires are burning on both sides of it. My husband is surprised that we still have phone lines. I apologize for not writing some of you back much lately or at all. Please pray for us. I am in shock that this is going on and has come to this. We’ll update when we can.

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